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Photos don't fit

  1. When I view my blog at 1280x1024, my photos look fine, but when I view it at 1024x768, they get cut off on the right side. I remember testing out the maximum size that I could fit at 1024x800 when I started my blog last year, and at that time it didn't happen. I am wondering if it is because I changed themes or something. Anyway, is there a way to make them all fit without resizing hundreds of photos by changing themes or something?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well of course!

    First thing is that your blog size have not enough spaces for you to fit in these sizes of images.

    Second thing is that you can re-arrange the size of the image by going to the image option, you will see there are different types of size for you to choose, three sizes, another choice as custom. If you go beyond the size of your blog, I'm sure the photos don't fit at all.

    Third thing is that, whether you change your theme or image, it depends actually. I think that changing the image into smaller size would be fine, it's surprising you want your 1280x1024 image to fit in your blog, it maybe impossible.

  3. @qjphotos, we need a link to your blog so that we can take a look at things.

    Secondly, you have to keep in mind that the vast majority of people are still on 1024 X 768 resolution and that means, that when you take into account the browser frame and scroll bars, even with a browser window maximized, you are looking at a maximum usable width of around 1000px - and that is if you do not have a sidebar in your theme.

  4. Is this the blog you are talking about ? If so the Garland theme is flexible width (AND has two sidebars), and is designed to be able to go clear down to 800 x 600 monitor resolution which means that the maximum photo width you should put into it has to work with that resolution or things will get cut off. According to , the maximum for photo size for Garland (so photos will not get cut off) is 540px wide.

    If you are using a higher resolution monitor, and a flexible width theme, you have to keep in mind those that ARE NOT using higher resolutions like you.

  5. One other suggestion: Go to settings > reading and decrease the number of post that show on your blog pages. I have a 5mb connection to the internet, and it took a full three minutes for your blog's main page to load, and no matter how good your blog was, I would simply not wait that long for it to load, and I have far more patience than most internet users, and the bulk of the people on the internet have 256k or slower connection speeds. Again, think of your visitors.

  6. OK, one other thing and I'll shut up.

    You need to better optimize your images. The few I checked were between 350 and 400k in size, which again means very slow load times for people with slower connections, and your blog is very image intensive. Optimizing your images so that they are 100k or less each would speed things up considerably and getting them down to around 50-75k each would be even better. This FAQ talks of image optimization and gives examples of some different resolutions so that you can compare. Without side-by-side comparisons, and good eyes, you really cannot see the difference:

    To fully load your main blog page, the visitor has to download 20,717 KB of data. That's over 20MB.

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