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    hi! I am having an issue with some of my photos. When i look at my blog from my computer all my images are the correct size. However, some people have indicated that when they view my blog on their computers my large photos appear elongated and distorted. Is this a problem with my blog or perhaps the browser the individual is using? thanks for your help with this.

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry…here is my blog address:



    Your photos appear just fine on my screen. I suspect “some” people may have their screen set to non standard resolution just so they can read better instead of increasing the font size. Don’t worry, you’re all good.


    @adventuregrl: You must ask those people if the distorted images they’re seeing start and end where the text column starts and ends or if they run past it. In the first case shimworld’s reply applies, in the second it probably doesn’t (second case smells like Explorer).

    Two pieces of advice:
    a) There’s no point uploading 300dpi images when browsers display them at 72, and 2300px wide images when your theme displays them at a maximum of 531px. Ideally you should downsize copies of your images (using an image editing application or an online tool) to a resolution of 72 and a width not exceeding the maximum for the theme you’re using, and upload and insert those copies. This way you save storage space, your pages load faster, you get no issues with Explorer, and you get better quality on the post as well (because images downsized by WP lose some color and sharpness).
    b) Your main page takes too long to load because you’ve got many images (and the images are unnecessarily large files, as I explained). You should set the number of posts per page to only a few (in Settings>Reading) and/or use the read-more tag to truncate the posts.



    Thanks so much for you help! i will try to work on that today :)

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