Photos Get Cut Off-Need a wide margin

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    I run a blog for my photography business ( ) and have encountered this issue with other blogging services as well. I want to upload my photos big enough for my clients to see them but most of the wordpress themes will cut them off. The one I am currently using is Journalist v1.9 and it works well, my photos dont get cut off when I insert them in a larger size however its a terribly plain and boring theme. I really want something more fun for my business but I need the margins to be wider so my photos dont get cut off.

    Does anyone have any ideas of themes with wider margins? Or is there a way to widen the margins etc? Ive searched and searched but found no answer yet.


    The blog I need help with is


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    Here is where you will find your answer about image widths in themes:

    If you have experience and knowledge about CSS you can purchase and upgrade and make changes. Don’t buy the upgrade if you don’t know what you are doing: there is very little support for CSS here.
    Try it for free:

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