Photos have become small and off-centered.

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    On my first page, the blog article about eating wasp larvae: the photos yesterday were large and centered. Today, they have become tiny, and some are not centered. What can I do? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    Could someone kindly check this out for me? It is very important that my blog look correct today, as certain important people will be viewing it!



    Have the same issue since yesterday: All pictures that I had inserted into my blog had a certain size. Now they have been re-sized, some have become smaller, some bigger.

    Please let me know how I can fix this.



    rraskolnikow, glad to know it is not only me. Which theme do you use? I use confit.



    hi millerteachglobal, i dont use a special theme.

    @ support: the blog i need help for is

    thx a lot for your help.




    Seems all of us having this problem.

    Whom do we have to contact so that we have this fixed a.s.a.p.?


    Images have changed size on my blog too.

    This happened one or two years ago and the happiness engineers fixed it. Hope they come to the rescue again!



    Let’s see. Positive and productive comments. How about I LOVE WP!!! But I have a dilemma. The portrait thumbnails on my blogs have grown– this without having ingested any of Alice’s make-me-bigger pills. I know y’all are always working on improvements for us, so is this the new look? If so, I have no recourse but to start fixing things which we all know will take lots of time. Groan! Thanks for your anticipated reply!


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    I’ve placed a modlook on this topic. Please subscribe so all you all will be notified when there is a response from staff. None of us volunteers have access to the backend of how WordPress works, but staff will be able to fix this.



    Thanks for your very prompt reply. Makes me feel mo’ betta. And now I can wait patiently, knowing that things will be okay again.


    I have the same problem all my images was changed, even the old post.
    But if I try to edit it , it see well so I dn´t know what is the problem.

    My blog is



    I have the thumbnail picture problem as well. I see whats wrong – because the width and height are mixed up. I have made my default max thumbnails of 145px height and width (as usually they are portrait type, only the height should be used) if I check the actual pictures in the page I see that all of them have a width of 145 (while the height is over that), which makes them bigger than I intended. In the preview where I write my blog everything seems right, but when its uploaded it messes up. And if I “inspect element” on the picture in chrome I can see that it has a wrong link for source where w (width) is 145 and the h (height) is the width it should be, while it should be opposite w should be something and h should be my 145px.. As the blogers (the one of the lower levels of users) we don’t have any kind of power to fix this, but I hope that developers will look into this.
    For simple pictures I also sometimes encounter the problem of resizing – the fix I found was that you resize the picture, you save the page – look at it and you find it wrong – then you edit it again, cut the picture out and paste it back and save the page. Usually the problem disappears – no idea why that happens though.


    Hi, I know how fix it. The problem is that the photos that we uploaded as thumbnail are still having this sizes even if we changed with the mouse . So what I did is go to editor image and them choose advanced settings, here in source you have to delete the size (exemple: ?w=150, delete this) and in CSS class you have to delete “size-thumbnail”, after this update and the image will have the right size. The unique problem is that you must to do it whit all the photos, but is the right way to do it in he future.




    My photos all shrank this morning as well. They are still centered.



    Our developers are looking into this. Apologies for the inconvenience.



    This may be an oversized images problem. Maybe what happens is that folks keep uploading HUGE images into small spaces and then one day a small change is made the the theme and they have an issue.
    Example here
    Note the dimensions 4,000px × 3,000px (scaled to 744px × 558px)

    I don’t experience these issues because I presize each image to fit the space I’m embedding it into before I upload it. Preparing and resizing your images means you will have the highest image quality, will not be wasting your space for media and you won’t end up troubleshooting images.


    Hello everyone!

    Here’s what has happened so far: the image size classes (such as “size-medium”) that are saved in the images’ HTML are now being applied when they weren’t before. This change was made so that when you switch themes or update Settings > Media sizes, the images will update properly for the new theme or update to match the media settings.

    Since it sounds like the update may have caused some unexpected changes for you, so it’s possible we’ll make some additional updates but nothing final has been decided yet about the best way to go forward (yet).

    With that in mind, here are some short term fixes you can apply:

    If your images are using classes like “size-medium” (common) and you want to change them all at once, go to Settings > Media and make sure the max widths and heights are set correctly there.

    If you’d like to adjust just some of your images and you are familiar with HTML, the “size-KEYWORD” class attribute can be changed and the image will then automatically resize to match the dimensions you’ve added in Settings > Media.

    If you do not want the Settings > Media sizes to take effect, edit the HTML for the image and take out the “size-KEYWORD” class attribute.

    Still have questions? Great! Post them for me, and I’ll do everything I can to help.



    Thanks for this. I have been checking blogs and images sizes. In every blog I checked so far the bloggers had uploaded HUGE images.



    Your fixes are gogglygook to me

    Really looking forward to going through my entire site fixing pictures this morning – since the staff is still “fixing” things – sounds like a waste of time anyway

    One Post – nothing matches – text is now all over the picture – caption does not match the picture width

    So do I try and fix this one now or leave it looking like crap until the staff moves on?

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