Photos have become small and off-centered.

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    The Settings>MEdia fix worked for me. I want you to know that we appreciate your help. Our frustration is not personal or directed at you. I am frustrated at a change like this happening without warning, but I really appreciate your kind attitude and help. You truly are a “happiness engineer”.


    @millerteachglobal, I understand! Sorry you were frustrated!




    I appreciate you sending in bug reports on behalf of myself and others that use their blogs like I do

    One of the reasons I have tried to be very clear on what I have done in my site and why is to help you and the designers and programmers to understand that there is a real reason to what I do – that should help everyone come up with a solution that will work going forward and will not break things that I do – or maybe someone will come up with a solution that is different than what I have done – maybe some sort of percentage of width thing that is easy to use (the couple of times I tried the current percentage thing I was not happy) –

    maybe a way that a person could feed in a pixel width and then check a box that says “make this a percent” so that someone could put in 421 px wide and the translation would be to say 78% of original



    @justjennifer, full size images were already getting resized according to the themes $content_width value to make sure images always fit into their content containers. And galleries have been working the right way for a long time. The goal behind the recent changes is to make inserting individual images work the same way.

    Got it! Thanks again for confirming.

    Fabulous news and in the long run will make changing themes much more user-friendly! I’ve been here long enough to remember the first time I switched themes on gammagirl and having to resize, reupload and reinsert images. (Shudder!)


    designsimply, jennifer, thank you for advises :)

    STEP 1:
    It worked this action:
    I wrote in html
    class=”alignnone size-large wp-image-123″ />
    class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-123″ />
    and this worked … thank you very much!!!

    BUT! … I read about a easier way (in millerteachglobal previous comment), from Settings>media … but, I’m very sorry, I don’t understood from where, ….. which button is to select class LARGE, in place of class MEDIUM, to save all of images posted. Sorry!

    STEP 2:
    Unfortunate still this problem:
    at first view, images appear very small and different sizes and I should click right button of the mouse and click “reload” or “refresh” and images became large.

    But visitors will leave quickly my blog seeing small images. That’s why I started every post with a “warning” for visitors (in my language) saying something like….”Excuse me for the inconvenient, but if you see too small images, click reload and images will became large. Thank you!” … :( :( :( …. this is not o.k. :(

    What can I do more?

    Thank you for the answer!
    Please excuse my English …



    When this change took place last night, I simply went to bed and wished it would go away. But no. Here’s it’s into the third day, and some of the photos on my blogs look lots of different ways– bigger, smaller, stretched out, tiny. Interesting. Funny, too, I suppose.

    I really don’t want to go messing with anything on the dashboard. I think I’d rather wait till things calm down. I’m cool about this whole thing happening. I mean, c’mon, change happens. And we just have to go with it. Really, what choice do I have in this case?

    So thank you for trying to resolve the issue of the photos looking rather oddly. The way I see it, laughter is good for the soul.


    with “reload” images became large, corect size, but for the visitors is boring to do this :(

    Please excuse my English …



    Thank you again for your help!

    A glass of lemonade coming right up! :)


    I’ve been using the Bueno theme for the past two years, and post all my pictures at medium size (set as max height & width at 300×300).
    Now, they’re all appearing at a slightly larger size. Well, all of them except the ones whose properties are in fact around 300×300.
    This looks really bad on my page, especially where the text now has to wrap awkwardly from line to line.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance



    @dulceiutesarat, if your images have “size-large” then you can adjust them by changing the Settings > Media > “Large size” numbers in your blog dashboard. Did you try that already? If you’re still having trouble after trying that, can you please start a new thread, tag it with “image size changes” and link to one of the pages showing the problem for me.

    [UPDATE: dulceiutesarat did start a new thread at and I wanted to note it here for reference.]



    Good evening from
    Still have the problem. Some photos extremely large, change all my pages.
    Take a look, for example at
    The first 2 photos are huge
    The next 2 are ok, the size I had chosen
    the next 2 are huge again, etc.

    I use reodable lite, have all my pictures to medium size and see that the settings are ok in 300-300


    with “reload” images became large, corect size, but for the visitors is boring to do this :(

    Ah, I didn’t see this before. Other’s shouldn’t have to reload unless they happened to see the smaller images once and cached the page (so probably a small subset of your visitors because of the timing).



    @dulceiutesarat, thank you for lending support. I agree that the pages look a mess. And today I upload the church blog, so I’m not sure just how those photos will look. I’m concerned, but I’m also reluctant to try anything because, IF I’m understanding correctly, all my photos will become one size if I go to settings to correct as either large or medium. And what a disaster that would be, since my blogs use all sizes. So do you see what I mean? Until I read something that makes sense to me, personally, my blogs will have to remain as is– all disheveled.


    @designsimply, thank you for the answer!

    From your answer, look what I understood to do myself ( … translating with my bad English and google translate :)) ):

    First, the images had “medium size” before, not large. Large became beacause, as I said, I wrote in html “class large” in place of “class medium”. Any way …

    What I done now, I adjusting writting in SETTINGS>MEDIA in raw of medium: size 1024×1024 in place of 300×300. So, now in media page class medium and large are the same dimension 1024×1024.
    In other place of dashboard, as you said, I don’t see where can I change numbers. Where exactely. Is it wright what I done???

    After that, I deleted from the body of the post all images and I reinserted them with the new sizes of medium class. I say medium class, and not large, because only medium class know to do this button “add media” from edit post. I give update post and now I have to wait, sign out and sign in later to check if still having problem. Hope not :)

    …. designsimply, today I see you are no more “happy engineer” :)) … Of course, I’m kidding … hope not disturb you with this comment :)

    Thank you again!



    On my site, which uses the Regulus, pictures in posts which have a vertical orientation (i.e. taller rather than wider) now extended out to the right of the border around the image. (Example)

    This appears to be the case with every vertically oriented image and it looks pretty awkward.


    I’m new here. I can’t help you but it seems you got that right.
    I looked in your church blog. I click “reload” and I was able to see the photos with right size. Photos have different dimensions, so, it’s a big risk to change settings.

    On my blog, I wrote in all of topics a “warning” for my visitors … I bag them to “reload” if they see small images. Is all I can do for the moment.


    I have this problem

    see the newest post then move down to the second last both are thumbnail size, the last is much smaller and all the others are larger……. without having to resizing………. which has been suggested, what can I do?


    @flandin505, you said:

    I’m concerned, but I’m also reluctant to try anything because, IF I’m understanding correctly, all my photos will become one size if I go to settings to correct as either large or medium.

    Not quite. If you go to Media > Settings and update the numbers under the “Image Sizes” headings, it will automatically adjust any of your images that were inserted at a specific size.

    When you insert an image, it gives you an option to select thumbnail, medium, large or full ( example screenshot: see #7 ). If the image was inserted that way, then the Media > Settings can now update all of those images across the blog automatically.

    The exception would be, if you inserted the image manually via the HTML editor or if you adjusted the image HTML after inserting it but didn’t take out the “size-KEYWORD” class names from the HTML.


    @zouve, thanks for including an example! You’ve spotted a bug with captions that @auxclass pointed out too. I’ve reported it to our developers, and we’re waiting to hear back. Sorry for the trouble! I’ll post back here as soon as I find out the best way to fix that specific issue.


    @chilecopadevino, thanks for the clear explanation. I’d like to research the issue with thumbnail sizes more based on what I see at It’s great to have your blog as an example while I do that if you don’t mind leaving the latest image smaller for just a little while. If you want to change it manually, that’s fine too. I’ll post back here as soon as I have more info. on thumbnail image sizes.

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