Photos have become small and off-centered.

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    @pandoxeio, thank you for the detailed report! That is *very* helpful. I think it’s only the portrait oriented images that are having the trouble now, and I have filed a bug report to see if we can get this reviewed and updated. @celluloidparadiso and @flandin505, I think this ^^ is the same issue you guys reported as well. I will reply here as soon as I have more information.


    Is there any chance of waiting these problems out or do I have to make changes to every photo on the blog?

    @sjalochhjarta, we’re still sorting out a couple bugs after updating how image resizing works. Stay tuned here for updates.


    Alright, thanks, @designsimply, we’ll stay tuned! :)



    Good evening to all. I’m not quite sure what a portrait orientated image is.
    I see that huge photos can be in random, for instance many of the book covers I post, or any of the photos at the post.

    For example
    just the book cover photo here (photo no 1)

    or the no1, no4, no5 and no6 photos here

    So which are the so called portrait orientated images?

    Thank you all the way, Lambros



    You can add me to the list of people having the same problem as celluloidparadiso. I inserted all my images at MEDIUM setting so that they would be no taller than 300 pixels but that limitation is now gone and many images are appearing in their original size. Specifically, this seems to apply to images with no captions as clearly seen in this post (Other posts reveal that the problem applies to both landscape and portrait orientation.)

    I checked Settings > Media and confirmed that MEDIUM is still set to a maximum height of 300.


    @pandoxeio, portrait orientation means the image is taller than it is wide. The opposite is landscape orientation, and that’s when the image is wider than it is tall.


    How can I set all images to appear as large as possible in my blog? You suggested ‘settings/media’ above but this merely lists the max size of each image posted (3 categories) and does not offer you a possibility to actually set your image size. I can not find any simply method of making all photos large. I have recently had to change themes because in the previous theme all the white font changed to black so was impossible to read against black background. Now with new theme I Iose the large photo size after 2 or 3 days. Seems like there are loads of bugs on your website. Its really frustrating and disappointing. Whats up doc?! And any bright ideas?


    @michealdebarra, looking at as an example. There is one image on the page and it is saved as size-medium. Your Media > Settings page has image sizes set to 300 x 300.

    If you want medium size images to be larger, go to Settings > Media and change the Medium size 300 x 300 to a larger size.

    There are still a couple bugs, but I wouldn’t say loads! :) and we’re working through them. Hang in there.



    My subscription to this thread has been canceled FOUR times – and I keep needing to subscribe again and again – what gives – I know this is off topic but sure it irritating – is this a feature or something the staff is doing for me?


    You keep talking about small 150×150 my setting start at thumbnail 112×150 then go to medium 224×300, the sizes are still listed at those sizes, yes I upgraded WordPress. Is there any way to go back?

    Safari won’t let me see the size of my previous posts so I could set the thumbnail size in the settings to whatever it’s displaying, when I try to see the info it opens the full sized photo, which is what I want 99.9999% of the time ;) waiting for a resolution…….


    Hi guys! We were able to make an update today to fix the issue with portrait oriented images not being resized correctly. Images have been updated so that Medium and Large sized image will be resized according to the sizes you saved in your Settings > Media page.

    @flandin505, @visocki, @celluloidparadiso, @pandoxeio, @petebran, I’ve spot checked some of the images on your sites against the sizes you have saved on your Settings > Media pages and the portrait oriented images look like I expect based on the settings. Can you check it out?

    We are still working on the issue where image sizes in the editor sometimes don’t match image sizes in the front end and the issue with captions (though both of those may look better already depending on which bug you were running into before).



    I almost always resize my pictures and now I am quite bewildered about what to do to make my blog look like it used to (and get my old sizes back).

    The sizes have been updated to match what you enter into your Settings > Media page. Can you check the sizes on Settings > Media in your blog dashboard and make sure they are correct? I think that should fix the problem in your case.

    Today I noticed that that the status page does not count my visitors any more either.

    Please report that in a separate thread and include specific examples if possible.


    My subscription to this thread has been canceled FOUR times – and I keep needing to subscribe again and again – what gives – I know this is off topic but sure it irritating – is this a feature or something the staff is doing for me?

    @auxclass, of course that’s not a feature :) can you start a new thread? Please include as much detail as you can. Examples: Is it just the post for this thread that is problematic or does it happen to every single thread you try to subcribe to? Do you have any sort of email filtering program on your computer or through your local network that could be triggering the unsubscribe link in your email automatically? (I had one user with a problem like that once and it was *really* hard to track down, pretty obscure issue)


    @chilecopadevino, I’m still researching your site. I noticed this afternoon that looks correct to me in Firefox but the image in the “Montes Twins 2011 by Montes” post is still too small in Chrome and Safari. I’m not sure why that’s happening yet!


    I just want to say thank you. You were so patient with us, even when we griped, moaned, and complained. My photos have been restored to their original sizes. Thanks so much.


    @theteaspilleddaily, yay!

    There are still a couple (more minor) issues to work out. We’re on it though!


    @chilecopadevino, would you mind creating a new post either with the same content as your “Montes Twins 2011 by Montes” post or with new content and save it as a draft so I can take a look?


    Yeh, looks good in IE also not Safari :(


    Difficult right now as I’m on my iPad will do a draft this evening for you to look at

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