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Photos have become small and off-centered.

  1. I still see a lot of missing images from September 14 backward. Have you looked at the bottom of your page 2, at page3, and so on?

  2. chilecopadevino

    Thank you I fix the Montes Twins post on, but I have had longer URL links in the past that have not caused the html error that this latest post had............ ummmmmmmm odd that one....

    Thanks the same

  3. Thanks shawnohalloran for saying what needs to be said.

    I don't have a blog so where would I go to fix my problem? I don't have access to any media/settings type option through gravatar/wordpress.

  4. eradican,

    If you don't have blog, and images being altered from the set size by a WordPress design modification, what then is your issue?

  5. Due to an unexpected, and, as far as I know, unannounced design modification by the server, WordPress, on 20 September several thousand images on the site suddenly began displaying too large, often double or more the set size. Unless WordPress fixes the problem, it will likely take me five months or so to individually correct the size of each altered image. WordPress has a tool that can at least fix some of the images. It was tested on two relatively tiny though not insignificant sites of mine with some success about five days ago, and then inexplicably abandoned without application here, and without a word. In the past 11 days, I've corrected roughly 8% of the errors caused by the unwanted WP modification.

  6. My gravatar profile picture is no longer displayed properly in a centered and square format. It's now smaller/circular and shifted somewhat. I prefer the old look. Do the recent changes here have anything do with that? What are my options to fix this?

  7. Someone just told me that WP support is off until October 10.

    Do they still have a cropping tool? When I made my present gravatar a few years ago you could move the image around before cropping out all but the portion to used as the gravatar. It cut out a small square section of your chosen image. I haven't touched the gravatar uploading and cropping tool since then, but I'll try to find some time to investigate.

    The off-centered image would bug me too. In fact it happened to me on a chat site where you couldn't move the image around at all before the cropping. The cropping was done automatically, and the results were terrible every time I tried it.

  8. Hoping for some help.

    My website is

    I added a new category to my main menu on the top page.
    The layout was, and still is, weird.
    I went into the CSS and changed the font size.
    Suddenly all my images are super small.
    I can't fix it. I've read thrpough this entire thread and I still can't fix it.


    The blog I need help with is

  9. bolitzer,

    You might want to start a new thread. Your images are displaying smaller than thumb size. The issue may be unrelated to those discussed in this thread.

  10. daniellecamacho

    I have sized my image to the exact specifications for the header image for the Highwind theme. It looks perfect when I load it but the page shows a cropped, cut-off image. I have tried many times. The solution that I saw offered doesn't apply since I never had to resize the image. Advice?

  11. daniellecamacho,

    The site attached to your name has been deleted. Do you refer to another site?

    What width is your resized header image? 1030 pixels?

  12. @chilecopadevino, the HTML could have been a bit different in the past post and that would explain the difference.

  13. @eradican:

    My gravatar profile picture is no longer displayed properly in a centered and square format. It's now smaller/circular and shifted somewhat. I prefer the old look. Do the recent changes here have anything do with that? What are my options to fix this?

    This doesn't sound like it's related to the recent image resizing stuff in this thread. It sounds to me like a theme or maybe a Gravatar-specific issue. It's hard to say without seeing an example though. Can you please start a new help request in and include a link to a page where the problem is visible?

  14. @bolitzer:

    Suddenly all my images are super small.

    I see your new help request at and I will reply there.

  15. @daniellecamacho, since this thread is very long and about image resizing in posts and not in header areas, could you please start a separate help request at and make sure to include a link to the blog you're working on?

  16. daniellecamacho

    Sorry, the site I'm working on is

  17. @daniellecamacho, your question is about header images and that's not what this thread is about. Could you please post at ?

  18. Many images have changed size in my 3 blogs. Images from recent posts and from posts 1, 2 or 3 years old. They are very, very tiny, smaller than thumbnails.

  19. I have changed the settings in the "media department" and the settings on each individual picture in my main blog and as long as I stick to the three basic settings (small/medium/large) everything is ok but as soon as I try to use a picture with a somewhat different shape the new pictures are huge and I can't seem to change the size without changing the size of every picture on the blog. How do I do that? (E g my square picture in the last post that I wanted to have 450 x 450 and it just turns out 600 x 600 whatever I do)

  20. @sjalochhjarta, open the editor where the image is and click on the image in the visual editor. Click the Edit Image icon that appears at the top left of the image, then click the Advanced Settings tab, after you adjust the width and height there, remove anything that starts with "size-" in the CSS Class field.

    Here's a screenshot of what it looks like:

  21. This is unacceptable and ridiculous. Majority of the images I have on my site are now various sizes. Instead of making things a hassle for the few that want to change themes, it's now been made a hassle for everybody. This is absolute nonsense and I'm leaning towards deleting my entire site and saying screw it instead of taking the time to fix this crap.

    Feel free, I give you admin/staff at WordPress to go through and fix my image sizes if you'd like, I know I sure as hell wasn't aware of giving you permission to screw it up (it's in the user agreement i know) if you can fix it, go for it. As of right now, I'm absolutely fed up.

    I got screwed because some of the images I wanted posted as thumbnails, they would be larger images and I had to custom-size them, sometimes I even posted them as medium and shrunk them down to a thumbnail size. Majority (if not all) of my pictures were posted and then resized with clicking and dragging, not by actually entering dimensions.

    I want to sarcastically thank you guys for screwing up my images and discouraging me from ever wanting to post anything again.

  22. thebirdingbunch

    I have seen the tiny images on my blog for awhile, but randomly. Just now I am working on a post. I made sure to save Draft before looking at the preview and the images are super tiny! I uploaded them directly to WordPress.

    If staff want to look at it, it is the most recent draft and it is titled, "The Poor Neighbours".

    I do not know if this is related, but the top image was cropped to be 600x430, which is within the width limit for my theme, Adventure Journal. But in the HTML it is showing width="510" height="365". I did nothing to change its dimensions.

    The second image is showing width="510" height="381", which is what I cropped it to before uploading.

    Because I sometimes do quizzes for my readers to guess what bird it is, I really need the front image to show up at full size before they click on it to see the answer, so I am hoping this can be resolved.

    I am sorry I did not read all of this thread, I tried but it made my head swim. :)

  23. elizabethmcgovern

    Hello -- the images on my blog were also resized to a smaller size than is specified. My settings are as they should be per this blog. Can you help me determine what the issue is? Thanks in advance for your help.

    My blog is

  24. @smashscott, of course we had no intention of screwing up images! And I'm sorry you've run into trouble. I don't think the change affected everyone, but it sounds like it certainly affected you.

    Based on your description of how you resized some images in the past, you'd be a good candidate for disconnecting your images from the main Settings > Media image sizes. Before I make that change, could you just confirm for me that is the blog you're working on?

  25. @thebirdingbunch, I checked the draft titled "The Poor Neighbours" and the first image does show up as 600x430 to me and I don't see width="510" height="381" in the HTML. Did you fix it? Or, does it look correct for you if you refresh the page?

    Here's the HTML I see for that image while previewing (not in the editor).

    <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-6519" alt="black1" src="">

    May I also ask what browser and browser version you're using?

  26. @elizabethmcgovern, in your case, can you try going to Settings > Media and updating the medium size setting to 550 x 550?

    You might also really like the gallery feature. The tiled mosaic one is particularly nice:

    Here is a list of steps showing how to add a gallery if you want to try it:

  27. thebirdingbunch

    Thanks for the reply, designsimply.

    No, I did not change anything. I just looked at my draft and in the text editor, here is what I see, minus the beginning and ending code.

    ""><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-6519" alt="black1" src="" width="510" height="365"

    But when I looked at the preview just now, the images are the correct size with the top one being larger than the bottom.

    We are on Firefox 24. I was a little surprised, not often are we on the newest version- my husband deals with all the computer updates. :)

    This has been so weird, the images sizes seem so random, this is why I looked at the HTML thinking maybe something was amiss there.

  28. elizabethmcgovern

    Your fix worked! And, I love your suggestion. Thank you Happiness Engineer!

  29. @thebirdingbunch, if it's a bug that's happening but hard to catch, then I'll need your help. Would it be possible for you to document this for me with screenshots if you see it happen again? Then I can hopefully gather up any documentation you (and hopefully others) provide and get to the bottom of the issue since I'm having trouble seeing it myself.

    If you see the wrong image size load again, please open the browser's web inspector which can be done by right clicking the image and selecting the "Inspect Element" option. Once you have both the HTML for the image and the image showing, make a screenshot of the entire browser window and upload it to the web using a service such as

    I'm interested in this report that image sizes appear correct sometimes and incorrect at other times. If anyone else can document that by taking a screenshot of the HTML in a browser of images that show up at different sizes, that would be awesome! Note: this is separate from the images that changed size based on Settings > Media settings. This is only for when images seem to keep changing randomly on their own at different times.

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