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Photos have become small and off-centered.

  1. @elizabethmcgovern, yay!

  2. thebirdingbunch


    Yes, I will do that the next time it happens. :)

  3. thebirdingbunch

    OK, here they are and hope I did this correctly. I've never used such a site before.
    This is the screen shot of the preview with tiny image.

    This is the screen shot of my text editor which shows the correct image dimensions.

  4. @designsimply - using an image editor i resized all of the images on my front page or that were in the "Finished Games" section of my site ( All the images are now of thumbnail size.

    I don't see anything to disconnect the Settings > Media that you're talking about. I put the images all to 0 but that doesn't do anything. If you can fix it so everything looks as I intended then please do. An example of what I want it to look like can be found at "Digital Downloads - Wonderful 101" and an example of what is wrong is at "Glad 2 Gamefly - Mortal Kombat". Thank you for your help

  5. thebirdingbunch

    Just now, editing an earlier draft to insert an image, the preview shows a tiny image.
    Here is another screen shot.

    Like the previous one, the text editor shows the correct dimensions.

  6. @thebirdingbunch, thanks a ton for posting screenshots! I've found them just now, and I wanted to leave you a quick note to say I will look into them after the weekend.

  7. I don't see anything to disconnect the Settings > Media

    The disconnect option I was talking about is something I would need to do for you. What it does is basically disconnect all the images from the Settings > Media sizes manually. That means that if you changed themes in the future, your image sizes would not update. It also means you would no longer be able to adjust the past images using Settings > Media. Since you've made very precise size updates to your images in the past, I think it would be a good way to go. Can you give me a confirmation that you'd like to go ahead with the update? It's not reversible.

  8. Thanks for this forum. I've been following it for a while, since I was setting up my first wordpress site during the time you made this update. I used Settings>Media to set the sizes for my images. But I noticed today that when I click on a page of the website, my images are the size of thumbnails. When I refresh the page, they return to the correct size. Any idea what the issue is here? I've specifically seen this problem on the "Why" page, the "Strategy" page, and the "Orphanages" page.

  9. Hello! Thanks for posting about this. I've seen this issue reported 3 or 4 times, but I can't see the problem happen when I try to test! That means I need your help to document the issue. Is there any chance you can document the problem for me with screenshots? Here are some instructions I posted before:

    If you see the wrong image size load again, please open the browser's web inspector which can be done by right clicking the image and selecting the "Inspect Element" option. Once you have both the HTML for the image and the image showing, make a screenshot of the entire browser window and upload it to the web using a service such as

    I'm interested in this report that image sizes appear correct sometimes and incorrect at other times. If anyone else can document that by taking a screenshot of the HTML in a browser of images that show up at different sizes, that would be awesome! Note: this is separate from the images that changed size based on Settings > Media settings. This is only for when images seem to keep changing randomly on their own at different times.

    Here is a help page about screenshots in case it helps too:

    It would also help to know your browser and browser version and if you have tried testing in other browsers or not.

    I did try testing at by clicking on the Orphanages page and looking at the images. The images on that page appear to be 300 pixels tall to me. Is that one of the pages you had trouble with? Is 300px in height the size you were expecting?

  10. thebirdingbunch

    Did you read this specific post?

    She seemed interested in some from any others who are experiencing this random issue.

    I visited your Why? page and the images were not thumbnail size, but what I assume would be the size you intended.

    And yes, I've done the same thing having to refresh. I've also had visitors who viewed those small images, but just clicked on them or refreshed the page.

    Based on the last reply to me, they are looking into this.

  11. Thank you so much for your quick reply! I'm sorry, I posted that just before I finished working yesterday. Here are screen shots of two pages where the images appear smaller than they should be:

    After I refreshed the page, the image appears at the correct size:

    I'm using the latest version of Firefox as my web browser. Since you are not able to duplicate this issue, I am wondering if this is only an issue when you are logged into your own wordpress site?

  12. thebirdingbunch

    Oh, I had no idea I posted about the same time as designsimply. She gave clearer directions. :)

    If it was only seen by me, I would let this go, but I asked my readers what they see when they view my posts.

    Here are two comments that were left by logged in WordPress users.
    "This is normal. When I see a tiny one, once I click on it and even go back, it is large again. It doesn’t seem to be consistent with any particular blogger. Random."

    "When I look at it at first it is teeny tiny… and then if I click on it… it enlarges "

  13. Since you are not able to duplicate this issue, I am wondering if this is only an issue when you are logged into your own wordpress site?

    I have tried testing on my own site without seeing smaller images, so I'm still not sure what the cause of the problem is. I will keep digging though. Another thing I don't have a really good handle on yet is how many blogs are affected. I think yours is the third report with good data so far.

  14. I've sent another report about the images appearing to small on the first pageload to our developers with the screenshots provided by thebirdingbunch and zimteam2011. Now we'll need to wait to hear back.

    Thank you for providing screenshots showing the web inspector! That helps.

  15. Thank you for checking into everything and continuing to work on it :)

    (I was logged in as a client when I posted as zimteam2011. This is my personal account).

  16. @ehenard, thanks! I'm not sure how long it will take for this issue to get resolved, partly because it's a bit hard to document and therefore a bit hard to test and track down.

    If anyone else is seeing the same issue where images sometimes appear too small on the first pageload and they can get screenshots showing the browser's web inspector, please post them in a reply here and I will add them to the report!

  17. thebirdingbunch

    Thank you for the update. I am glad it is getting looked into.

    I just happened to be perusing older posts of mine and one of them is showing the tiny images. Because I was not previewing a post, but one already published, I want to take a screen shot of the Inspect Element open, but the text is in a long string. Which portion of the text do you need?

  18. @thebirdingbunch, you've already submitted a few good examples, and I'm interested in seeing examples from different blogs in case I can spot a pattern or something that could possibly be triggering the problem. Here is a good example that you submitted earlier because you can see width="43 height="16" and "size-full" in the class section in the HTML showing in the browser tools:

    I'm sorry I haven't been able to spot what is causing this yet!

  19. designsimply,

    I don't know if you've answered this issue yet. In response to thebirdingbunch, you wrote:

    @thebirdingbunch, I checked the draft titled "The Poor Neighbours" and the first image does show up as 600x430 to me and I don't see width="510" height="381" in the HTML. Did you fix it? Or, does it look correct for you if you refresh the page?

    Here's the HTML I see for that image while previewing (not in the editor).

    <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-6519" alt="black1" src="">

    You're finding three different width settings on a single image and wonder why, right? I was able to duplicate this on my site. It's actually perfectly normal, I think, providing that the image in question had previously been uploaded and set at the width 690 pixels elsewhere and then added via the library to the page in consideration.

      w=690 pixels is the width at the original page
      w=510 pixels was the width setting at the new page, but it must have been removed by the time you checked on it, leaving only the original width setting of 690.
      w=600 pixels is the file size
  20. Unfortunately, my scenario doesn't explain why thebirdingbunch would see

    ""><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-6519" alt="black1" src="" width="510" height="365"

    If it was as I suggested they would see

    ...w=690" width="510" height="365"

  21. designsimply,

    With respect to the sizing issues of thebirdingbunch. Have you inquired about the presence of class names in the CSS class section of Edit Image > Advanced Settings? The issue you help me resolve on my site.

  22. musicdoc1, yep, I think this is a different issue—I'm not even sure if it's related to the change from before or if it's something else. So I'm collecting examples to add to the bug report I've already filed for the issue. It's proving a bit tough to track down!

  23. Alright, designsimply. I forgot to mention that my example doesn't explain why the image would display at 600 pixels, if set otherwise, unless a class name "size-full" or possibly "size large" was overriding the other size settings, causing it to display at an unwanted size.

  24. Although I think it may show at the file size if the size settings are removed, as suggested by the "w=690" that you saw.

    Significantly, "W=" is seen when I import an image from the media gallery. "Width=" is seen when I add new size settings at Edit Image > Advanced Settings > Size. That's one way of getting two different width settings in the HTML code of the same image.

  25. my example doesn't explain why the image would display at 600 pixels, if set otherwise, unless a class name "size-full" or possibly "size large" was overriding the other size settings

    The problem they are reporting now is different than the one you faced, and it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the "size-full" or "size-large" class names.

    Here is an example, the image appears very small and has HTML that says 'width="61" height="16"' but it should be much larger:

  26. Right. I understand. I was just pointing out an omission I'd made in my example. Sorry if I've added any confusion.

  27. All my images, old (last year) and new, have been resized to tiny thumbnails 80 to 150 pixels wide on my blog (theme: Twenty Eleven). All my old posts, which used to display fine, are useless. New posts do the same thing.

    Now I find that in my media library, when I click "View" for a given image, the image displays at its correct size (the size of the uploaded image), but the image is actually just a magnified version of the tiny thumbnail, as if the image actually saved is the thumbnail rather than the full-sized image. It appears WordPress has systematically destroyed my whole media library, turning each image into a tiny thumbnail. Can I recover my image library? What can I do to keep this from happening in new posts?

  28. but the image is actually just a magnified version of the tiny thumbnail

    I tested this by clicking on the "View" link for the latest uploaded image in your media library and that link led to this page:

    The image there is displayed at 600px which appears to be the original size of the dscf7770.jpg uploaded image:

    Are you still seeing the problem you described with the "View" links in the media library, and if so could you reply back here with an example file name for one of the images you're seeing a problem with?

    All my images, old (last year) and new, have been resized to tiny thumbnails 80 to 150 pixels wide on my blog (theme: Twenty Eleven)

    I checked the 2012 archive view for the front end of the blog, and the images look sized correctly there to me:

    I also checked the images on the home page at and those images don't look too small to me either.

    I tested with Chrome 31 on a Mac.

    Could you try refreshing the page you were looking at before? If you're still having trouble after that, could you let me know what browser version you're using and whether you're looking at the home page on the blog or some other page?

  29. Thanks for looking into this. I have now talked to others, and everyone else sees normal-sized photos. I however still see only small ones, on two different computers (though both use the same router and ISP), whether I am on the home page or any other. This persists even after refreshing, and even after clearing cache and cookies and history. I am viewing this on Firefox 19.0.

    All my library images, when viewed in the dashboard, do display at proper size, but are just bad blowups of the thumbnail with no additional resolution. An especially severe example is
    But I expect that if you are seeing my images properly, the problem must lie on my end, and you will probably see this properly as well. What could my problem be?

  30. I checked and here is what I see:

    I noticed you mentioned Firefox 19, and that is quite a bit outdated. My first question would be—is it possible for you to upgrade to the latest version (currently 25.0.1)?

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