Photos have disappeared

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    Hi there, looking for some help.

    I’m new to this so please excuse my ignorance. I had some photos and a slideshow in my latest post.

    Worked perfectly for a few days. Slideshow remains, but photos don’t show up. I made no changes myself.

    Blog post here

    The blog I need help with is



    You didn’t change the names of the images, or try to upload them twice, did you? That can often cause problems.

    I see the url’s look pretty normal:

    There used to be an issue with uploading things that had special characters in them, like underscores, but I think that issue was resolved. Sorry I can’t be more help.



    Most of the images are coming back with 404 not found errors. Just to make certain, you can see them in your Media Library and are associated with that post?



    Sure enough, they are gone from my media library.

    But how? I didn’t edit them or go near them in any way. Most perplexing. Now how do I reload them…



    Should be working now. Just went into edit, deleted existing empty picture boxes and uploaded the photos again. Would love to know what happened.

    Thanks for your help guys, I appreciate it.


    Do you have anyone else on your site as an administrator?

    Did you by chance stay logged into your site while away from your computer where others may have had access to it?

    You can contact staff on Monday when the contact form opens back up after 12pm UTC and ask them to look into it.



    In the meantime, I’d change my password if I were you.

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