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Photos in old posts.

  1. Why are the photos in my old posts not displaying in the site?? What's happening to my photos??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you "cleaned" up your media library and deleted pictures that will also delete them from any Posts or Pages

    However to give you accurate help we need a link to a couple of the Posts with missing pictures so someone can take a look at what is happening


    I did not clean up the media library .. basically I have not done anything to the photos. I read up some related support pages but I have no idea of how to save changes to the 'permalinks' because it doesn't appear under the settings tab. I also have no idea on how to go around with changing codes (I.e. things that are very technical). But I would greatly appreciate your help!!

  4. Please read this so you comprehend that what's key is where the images are being hosted >

  5. i uploaded the photos through without any other image hosting sites. I remember few months back it was still fine but I dont know why this time round they are gone. I did not delete them off my media library though.

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