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photos in text widget

  1. How can I post photos in a text widget ?

  2. by using the image tag. but if your picture is too big it can ruin your blog's alignment.

  3. Ok thanks for answer. But could you be more explicite... please ! my mother tongue is french... and I nedd explication like, 1. click, than ... etc

  4. @delimoon

    Here's a walk though for how to put an image into a text widget and then display it in your sidebar.

    -> write post -> upload image -> send image to editor - > copy the entire image code -> presentation -> sidebar widgets - > text widget -> open text widget and paste in the image code - > save changes

  5. Ok thank you very much for this walk. But it doen't work. I do something wrong when copying de image code. Because, it only letters appears on my sidebar. What do you mean exactly whith code ? Where it is ?
    In advance, many many thanks for your help

  6. (1) In order for this walk through to work (and I guarantee that it does) you must first upload an image into a post by using the method your find in the FAQs blog

    (2) If you have no success in an uploading image into a post then you will not succeed in uploading it into a text widget. The FAqs gives instructions on this here

    (3) Once you have accomplished uploading the image into a post you are ready to upload it into a text widegt. Remember that you must use your mouse to copy the entire code for the image you uploaded into the post first. Then paste the code into the text widget and click "save changes".

  7. I get it !!!!
    Many thanks ! You know why it doesn't works ? Because I'm not used with html. suddenly I realise that if I click on the html button my image will be change in a CODE.
    Anyway many thanks

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