Photos keep disapearing from my blog

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    I have uploaded my first blog and today the photos are not there. How do I get them back on the blog? I tried to reload but that did not work.

    thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is


    I don’t see the image on “just a pigeon” but I do on the other post. Go to media > library and see if you see the image there in the list. There have been some intermittent image issues in the last few days, but they always show back up – or at least they have.

    If the image is not in your media library list, I would suggest editing the post, delete the non-image and then re-upload and insert it and see what happens.



    I clicked the space where the image ought to appear and found it had been deleted >

    You say you have uploaded it again. Is the image found in your Media Library or not? Unless it is there our browsers cannot display it. Dashboard > Media > Library
    If and only if the image is not found in the Media Libraray then you can upload it again. Bur if it’s there then continuing to upload additional copies of the same image is not helpful as it will just create duplicate copies.



    G’day to you. :)



    if I remove images from my media library then they disappear from my posts??
    The current post has it’s images. When I look at past posts from home computer, there are no images. (Firefox 3.6) When I look at past posts from work computer, where I write the blog, they ARE there. (also Firefox 3.6)
    Any thoughts on this???

    Thank You,



    Please contact Staff directly and provide them with the details pertaining to the images that are nt displaying.



    OK, thank you.


    1. Where does it say, under Adding Media, to “save them in your Media Library?” I have been through this for weeks, and just found this question. I upload them, insert them, Update, then View and they’re gone, or some of them are, and they aren’t in the order I uploaded them. They are, however, still in the gallery for that post.

    2. When you say, “There have been media issues,” does that mean it’s your problem, not mine?

    3. While I have your attention, I found (under Poetry!!) the instructions for single spacing (Shift+Enter). And, I’ve used it, and clicked Update. Then when I view the post, my spaces have disappeared and the lines are run together.

    4. Why did I have to look under Poetry? Doesn’t anyone else who writes prose use single spaces?



    1. When we upload an image it’s automatically saved in the Media Library. There are no instructions to “save” because the software does that for us. And if we delete an image from our Media Library then it’s no longer there, no longer on the servers and our browsers call for it to be displayed it cannot be displayed because it is not there.

    What you are describing about missing images is not IMO normal behavior.

    When you say, “There have been media issues,” does that mean it’s your problem, not mine?

    2. I searched the forum for you and I noticed others had been reporting image issues as well. I saw that in some cases Bolunteers were able to help solve the issues and in other they were unable to. When Volunteers (who are other bloggers just like you) could not find a reason for the issues and help their fellow bloggers solve them they referred the users to Staff for help.

    3. I’m sorry the instruction provided by Staff in support documentation did not work for you.

    4. You will have to pose that question to Staff knowing that blogging software is made for a variety of users, not just for poets. And blogging editors do not work the same way as computerized word processing programs work.

    I posted the link for reaching Staff above and I think you need to use it to contact them for assistance. I hope they solve your issues for you and you experience a happy ending.



    And to the earlier poster, YES if you delete images from your media library they are gone forever. The reason one of your computers shows them is that it has those images stored in its cache.

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