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    I put in a photo, resize it, and when it publishes, it looks wrong, like the proportions aren’t correctly constrained. For a while, I would resize the photos, and they would all publish properly except the first one, which would publish in its original size. I cleared the cache and cookies.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    One of the issues that you may be having is that your theme, Kubrick, was retired. Because of this, it’s not being updated to support changes and updates made to WordPress. I would encourage you to move to an active theme, so you can be sure that your images always look as you intend.

    You can find over 300 themes here:

    If you need help finding a new one, let me know.

    But, back to your site with Kubrik currently installed:

    I took a look at your latest post. Your first (squeezed) picture is 610px in width. However, there is only 555px of space in that column. So, it’s getting squished.

    Since you have lots of images, you may also consider using a gallery which will layout your images according to the amount of space provided by the theme:

    I think either adjust the size of the photo to the correct width, or adding the images as a gallery, rather than individual photos, will help quite a bit.

    Let me know.



    Thank you Robyn. Could you suggest a free theme, similar to Kubrik?
    There are so many it’s hard to figure out. Just something simple that allows me to display reasonably large photos.
    Mucho appreciado.




    Certainly :)

    Here are the first several that I think of when I look at Kubrick’s layout…plus I factored in your desire for large images:

    I see that you do make use of the sidebar in Kubrick, so I did look for other theme’s that also had that option. However, if you’d rather put your widgets in the footer, we can also find a theme that displays on a full-width page. Such as:

    I recommend opening the demos for all the themes you’re interested in, to see how they really function before making your choice.

    I hope this helps! If you have any other concerns, drop me a note. Thanks much!

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