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Photos no longer show as slideshow under Twenty Eleven

  1. Hi all. We have a password-protected WordPress-hosted blog with the theme Twenty Eleven. Pictures that we inserted as galleries used to show up as a slideshow when you clicked on the first picture. This stopped happening at least a couple of months ago. We didn't make any changes. Now the individual picture opens on a separate page and you have to go back and open the next one etc. This is very annoying. How do we get the slideshow view back? Under settings/media we still have "Display images in full-size carousel slideshow." ticked. It does not make a difference whether the post is marked as format "standard" or "gallery". Thanks in advance for help.

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  3. We cannot assist any blogger who refuses to provide an active link starting with http:// to the exact blog in question. The reasons for that is clear. The answers that apply to software do not apply to software. The two run on different software and even themes with the same names are coded differently. Moverover, 30 % of those who post here some days are lost souls from WordPress>ORG who are posting to the wrong support forum and without the URL we cannot tell them which is the correct support forum for their specific blog.

  4. The blog in question is: I didn't see any point in giving the address because it's password-protected and you should not be able to see it anyway. As said, the blog is WordPress-hosted. Thanks.

  5. Hi there,

    The Slideshows link Timethief shows above is exactly what I would point you towards:

    You can make this edit by going into your gallery, and in edit mode, selecting "Slideshow" from "Type" under "Gallery Settings." This will restore the slideshow functionality for you.


  6. Oh, I tried that with the newest post. It is not the same thing. It posts a black square with the images revolving all the time. I like the thumbnail gallery in the post! When you clicked on a picture, it used to open on a black background and you could click on an arrow to go to the next one etc. That's what I'd like to have.

  7. Oh I see now, I'm sorry - you're right, that isn't what you want!

    However, when I go to your site and click on an image in this gallery:

    I do see the carousel pop up correctly. Can you link me to a gallery where you're having the problem?


  8. The link doesn't lead to my site. But it's strange because none of the galleries show correctly here. Could it be a browser thing then? I have Internet Explorer 8 63-bit edition. Same on my husband's computer (he doesn't have the exact same version of IE8 and it's 32-bit). The weird thing is that I haven't changed browsers nor updated it and it just stopped working. Most people have IE so I need it to work with that.

  9. Hmm,

    You're absolutely right - that doesn't lead to your blog at all! I'm sorry.

    This is the gallery post I was referring to:

    So check that one and see if you definitely can't see the carousel. We do recommend that you run the latest version of browsers (with an emphasis on Firefox and Chrome), but the carousel does work in IE. However, the lastest version of IE is 10, so you may want to update your browser to ensure that you are seeing things working as they should.

  10. I did all my Windows updates and now have IE9. The gallery carousel works! I continue to be annoyed by the fact that this feature just stops working with a slightly older version of the browser. Not everyone has or wants to have (for one reason or another) the latest version. Thanks for you help, anyway.

  11. Hi there,

    I'm really sorry that was an inconvenience for you. That's not our intention! But the latest browser version tend to be the safest; software and security patches in earlier versions that are vulnerable are usually fixed in the latest version, so we always recommend using the latest and greatest.


  12. Hello All!

    For a simple (and accessible) alternative to WP's slideshow, read this post:

    Feedback encouraged!

    - SB

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