Photos not defaulting to original size.

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    When uploading new photos, even when I select insert at original size in the media manager, the view on my blog is defaulting to medium. This is the most recent post that I’ve had issues with:
    For example:

    When I click on each individual photo and then save the settings, they show properly (even when I don’t change any of the settings).

    This started happening when I switched my theme to twenty twelve, then back to twenty eleven again. I’ve re-set my CSS code to how it was before the switch, and the images on most posts switched to the medium view. One post that had no issues (no changes in image sizes) was:

    The blog I need help with is



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    Thanks. I actually figured it out. Apparently when I went back to the Twenty Eleven Theme, I had to change the content width back. It had defaulted to 584 pixels.

    All set!

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