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Photos Not Loading

  1. Two photos i have inserted into a post are not loading. I can see the image in the post editor but if I preview or publish they don't load. My blog's featured image loads but the two inserted in the actual post don't unless click on them they do open in a separate window.

    Please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you optimizing your images for the web before uploading them? How large are they? Every theme has a maximum displayed image width. Yet we have people post here every day and when I check out the images I discover that they are posting them straight from their cameras at HUGE widths like 4000 pixels. Is over-sized images a factor in your case? Or are you respecting the image sizes found in the detailed theme description?

    All images ought to be compressed for the web 72 dpi and presized prior to uploading. If you want better image quality use an image editing application to re-size copies of your images to the specific dimensions required then upload and insert those copies. Then you will have the best image quality, you will not waste your free media storage space, and you will not be troubleshooting images.

  3. Hi, thanks for your response, the trouble is i imported the images from my iphone using the wordpress app and then tried to downsize them in WordPress on my pc. I've got them down to 1200x396 & 1000x330 respectively but I get an error if I try to go any smaller. I'm not sure what the dpi is.

  4. Update: I eventually started again, restoring the images to their original size and then straight away downzising to the recommended 810 on the longest side, this worked and the images are now displaying. Thanks for showing me the templates sizing information, previously I was just downsizing to somewhere between 800 & 1200 on the longest edges thinking this would be pretty close to good web images. I'll make sure I use the recommended template sizes from now on.

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