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Photos not properly displayed on an iPad

  1. When I looked at my blog (or other blogs for that matter) on my iPad, I always get magazine type pages showing 5 posts each. The backdrop for each post is the first picture from that post. Now with my last 5 posts and one of the older ones ("bank holiday weekend and an iPad") I only get a black backdrop. I am still adding pictures to my blog the way I did before, so I am at a loss what to do!



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Given that few of us here probably have an iPad, I don't know how much help the volunteers can be. Are you looking at sites that have the "iPad onswipe" theme active, or are you looking at the full theme display like you would get if you looked at it on a regular computer?

  3. Hello,

    Sorry for only getting back now... Did not get an eMail telling me that there was a reply.

    Yes, I am viewing then site using onswipe.

    I hope maybe someone from the official support staff stumbles over this post. I am only getting messages that support is currently not working.



  4. The support link works for me
    Also note there is an iPhone forum here >

  5. Just took another look and conatcting supports works again for me, too. I have dripped them a line, but will also take a look at the ios forum!



  6. You're welcome.

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