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Photos not showing up

  1. I am new to the blogging world and have recently put up about five posts that all include pictures from my separate picture website through yahoo.

    I could never get the pictures to upload, so I simply added them to the post itself using the "insert image" icon on the post toolbar. The pictures show up when I view the blog on my computer, but no one else is getting them -- only empty boxes where the pictures should be.

    I tried uploading all of the pictures, but it gives me an error message everytime. Is there something I'm not doing? The pictures have all been resized to half of their original size.

    Thanks, in advance, for any help you can provide.

  2. Why would they not upload?
    I don't see the images because the links are broken - you can see them because they are cached on your machine.

  3. Everytime I try to upload the pictures it gives me a "The Page Cannot Display" error message and I have to either go BACK or RELOAD the page and try again.

    I tried to fix and thumbnail the pics at the bottom. Does that work for you?

    Or can I still load the pictures without uploading them like I have been and put in links?

    Sorry, I'm REALLY new at this.

    THANK YOU For your help!

  4. You'll need to upload them.
    I can see pics on other entries but not the top one.

    Having looked at one image, you could do with optimising them maybe. The image of marci and joe in culiacan is 340kb+ which depending on your line could take longer to upload and therefore cause problems. This link will help:

    Also check so the image names are okay too.

  5. perfect. thanks again

  6. I have trouble uploading my photos as well. It always turns into a "cannot be displayed" page. At first i thought its cause the file must be too big. So i try to customize the size smaller. But i'm still unable to upload them and still get the same page. Sometimes its picky, where it would accept to load a photo thats twice the size the ones i've already cropped. is there a certain size to upload a photo?

  7. We believe that the upload size is a meg or so. The limit would be more concerned about the time taking to get the data to the server though. Usually this is 30 seconds which may or may not be what you are hitting. I can't tell anyting about your connection as I'm not familiar with the ISP in question.

    Those pool pictures on your site are fairly large in size, although they're not that big. Bigger than what they should be though for the size of the image involved though.

    I would suggest reviewing the FAQ on optimizing your pictures. You may also want to review the FAQ on uploading pictures to make sure you are doing everything ok.

  8. thanks. i think i've manage them. apriceat it! =)

  9. My pictures don't show up either and the reason is not the same as above. I have tried resizeing and renaming the files and making gifs and jpegs. I am using photoshops 'save for web' function and my images are tiny 4k on average. However it remains random whether the image will show up or not. Sometimes it does sometimes just the name of the file shows up with a link to that image - i'D like the image to show directly...

    Help please.

  10. Gorgon, you need to point us to where the pictures are not showing up. I see one post where you have one picture missing and that's because it has the wrong filename. The name of the file you've uploaded is paddle.jpg but you're trying to link to paddle1.jpg.

    All the other pictures look fine.

    Hope this helps,

  11. Dr Mike
    Sorry I wasn't sure how to tell you were the images were. But you found them. It's strange today the images are loading. (I know about the paddle1.jpg that was a test to try some other things). I haven't done anything different. For now everything is fine sorry to have troubled you.

  12. Sorry me again. I am not finding the uploading of pictures at all easy or intuitive. The faq needs a bit of beefing up. For example can the faq include these questions:
    How do I load a thumbnail that links to a bigger image?
    How do I make a link to an image hosted elsewhere on my blog?
    Why doesn't the loaded image stick to the given dimesnions of the original image (i.e. 100mmx70mmx72dpi) it seems to vary based on the compression?

    In the faq at the end it says: "If you click on the thumbnail, it will load the full size picture within your broswer."
    This doesn't work for me see:
    I want this to be a thumbnail that links to a bigish image
    I am using Mozilla on a windows xp pro machine.

  13. Well, I don't see a picture on the first page that you list, I only see the larger picture on the second one and just the thumbnail on the third one.

    Have you read the FAQ on uploading a picture? It's written to show how to add in a picture with a thumbnail leading to the picture.

    As to how to make a link to an image, that's just normal HTML code. An 'a' tag leading to the image.

    and #3 needs an example for me to answer. dpi does depend though on compression and any changes you make to the picture.

  14. Well, I don't see a picture on the first page
    yes sorry I should have edited this out. I changed this to be a text link as I couldn't get it to work as a thumbnail linking to larger image.

    I only see the larger picture on the second one and just the thumbnail on the third one.
    That's my question. Why is it doing this? I loaded these as described in the faq which I have read.

    I figured out Q2 (see top) but think the answer should be included in the faq.

    #3 needs an example for me to answer. dpi does depend though on compression and any changes you make to the picture.
    Really? I thought DPI is dots per inch which is independent of the compression rate which reduces the file size / image quality.
    I have done an example here

    But I also experienced problems making this example. For the first 30minutes or so it displayed in text form the words '8k image' as a link to the image and not the thumbail. Then 30 minutes later it changed without me doing anything. Why?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  15. I think he or she is discussing the pictures located in this post.

    It's easy. Please take a look at the html code for your post. The top picture of the boots uses the full size picture. The bottom one is the thumbnail. They are not both 100mm by 100mm as one is physical smaller then the other. Looks like 35 mm square. When you upload a picture and tell WP to use the thumbnail, it shrinks it.

    As to the links, without seeing it, there's no way I can tell what is going on. I wish though you had posted it when it happened though.

  16. Hmmm. I'm not a total moron but I have to say I'm not finding it easy. I see what you are saying about the big image but I did check 'use thumbnail' when loading it. When I looked again now there is now a cross through 'use thumbnail' and it says no thumbnail available. Can't understand why not (especially as its smaller friend has one no problem) and why it didn't say that when uploading...
    I still don't get a number of things about loading images and think the faq is thin at best but will play around before asking more questions.
    Thanks for now.

  17. One trick I learned in uploading pictures is that even though sometimes will say a thumbnail can't be created, one usually is. You can trick it by adding in '.thumbnail' to the image URL.

    For example the image you can't make into a thumbnail:

    Try this:

    As to the FAQ, please give examples of where you think it's thin. It bothers me that you make suck a comment but don't give any examples of such. I would be happy to edit it or change something if anyone find it lacking.

  18. I have a similar problem that is very annoying. I will upload an image, and the thumbnail and everything works fine. Then, after a few edits and saves, suddenly the thumbnail is missing! "No thumbnail" has a strike-through mark in it.

    - This is not a URL problem, the url is still correctly 'foo.thumbnail.jpg' WP.COM has simply suddenly decided that the thumbnail that was there a MOMENT ago is now missing. Ideas?

  19. Are these older pictures because I just checked your site and there are pictures there.

  20. The pictures are fine; it's just that thumbnails will randomly disappear as I'm editing and saving the post. Sometimes I will delete the image and start over, or I'll just post the hi-res version.

  21. @swein
    Please go back and read what drmike told you.It works for me.

  22. I'm also having the thumbnail problem with my pictures. On the below linked page I have 5 pictures all with thumbnails. They all looked fine when I first posted the page but now when I've gone back to look at the page again the thumbnails are gone. If I go and edit the page and click the pictures in the picutre browser and bring up the menu the top option in No Thumbnail in strike thru font. If I delete the pictures and reupload them the post will fix itself since the thumbnails will now be there again with all the full size picutres but a couple minutes later the tumbnails go poof again.

  23. timethief -

    My original post specifically addressed drmike's advice when I wrote, "This is not a URL problem, the url is still correctly 'foo.thumbnail.jpg' WP.COM has simply suddenly decided that the thumbnail that was there a MOMENT ago is now missing."

    To restate it, I will upload an image and it will have a thumbnail generated properly. After editing the post a bit, and hitting "save and continue editing", some images will suddenly lose the thumbnail. It seems completely random. Only by deleting and re-uploading the images is the problem fixed.

    This is the same exact problem that bsleys is having.

  24. Don't know if anyone changed anything behind the sences but my link above is now showing the thumbnails. So like swein thumbnails seem to come and go on thier own.

  25. WordPress has gremlins, gremlins I tell ya!

  26. OMG this reminds me of kill the widgets (gremlins)!

  27. I have to agree with a bunch of posts above. Authoring the posts and adding pictures even with small thumbnails appears to be working fine. What isn't fine is that occasionally (randomly) the thumbnails will appear as if the image can't be found. Clicking on the thumbnail takes you to the Page Not Found. If you wait a while and revisit the post everything is fine again, or if you're really sick you can repost everything and all will be well again.

    This is very strange. I'm not sure if it's to do with the WordPress servers not properly serving up images or something. Are the pictures stored on a different server that is separate from the text? My pictures and thumbnails are not that big, all less than 100k and I see this problem a fair bit. My bet is that others do as well.

  28. What isn't fine is that occasionally (randomly) the thumbnails will appear as if the image can't be found.

    Can't help you without an example of this.

  29. I can send you a picture of the example if you tell me how. Go check out as it's happening right now (maybe not when you go there). It worked fine over an hour ago but now not all the pictures show up.

  30. interesting...this appears to be localized. my friend at work sees it fine. my wife on her laptop can see it fine. it's my laptop that cannot at times...very weird.

    strange too is when i click on the empty picture it still takes me to the 404 page.

    ok, i launched firefox and it seemed to display things fine. next i shut down my IE and reopened another and now it seems fine too. i wonder if occasionally if IE fails to render pictures for whatever reason wrt looking at a wordpress blog. memory leak maybe?

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