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Photos not showing up

  1. I see the photos fine using IE 6.0.2900 on a pair of OC-192's.

    I note that you are currently coming in via Comcast. They have a history of using broken proxy servers that we've covered previously here in the forums. All I can suggest since Comcast won't fix their issue (Been ongoing for years) is clearing out your own local browser cache and trying to do a forced reload of the page.

    Good luck,

  2. [Deleted rudeness -drmike]

    mindrec, if you choose to post again, I do hope you will take the time to point to an example since you gave us nothing to go on. Folks have answered and assisted in this thread if you would be bothered to read it. Also if you do post again, please do so in a polite manner without shouting or I will be more than happy to delete your post again.

  3. This problem is still vexing me. To recap:

    1) I'm editing a post
    2) I upload images
    3) I select the images as "Linked to image" and drag them into the post.
    4) I hit "Save and Continue Editing". Everything is fine.

    Now then: I'll be editing the post, hitting "Save and Continue Editing" occasionally, and randonly when the page refreshes, ALL the thumbs are broken. The pop-up says "no thumbnail" with a line through it, and the linked pref will be reverted to "No Link"

    What the heck is going on here? It's making me crazy. The only fix I have found is to re-upload the images and hope for the best, but something is VERY flaky with the thumbnailing system at

  4. Sometimes images disappear and reappear on my blog.

    I use flickr to hotlink to images these days and it seems to work fine. :)

  5. I've been thinking of doing that, but I just hate the idea of users being taken away from the site to see image details :(

  6. this has recently been happening to me, and it's driving me nuts..... my thumbnails go away. When i click on the question mark that shows up in place of the thumbnail, i link to the actual picture, but i wish the darn thumbnail would just stay in the blog....

    I'm getting pretty annoyed because it seems almost every photo I have to go back in and upload and re link... anyone have any suggestions on how i get around this problem? I give up for now because i just spent 2 hours on this and every pic i uploaded except two has a broken thumbnail.

  7. I'm doing exactly what the FAQ suggested. To the letter. I worked at this for two hours last night and then again this morning... The thumbnails are still disappearing. I really am at a loss as to how I resolve this? Other than this proble, I think wordpress is great.... But I'd really just love for the directions to work and the thumbnails to not randomly disappear.

  8. @ feck
    This is definately a backend help needed situation. IMO it sounds like a crazymaking bug. I recommend that you send in a feedback ASAP or email [email redacted].

  9. Just to note: I've been adding photos today, using the usual technique, no problem at all. Now, all of a sudden, I'm getting the "no thumbnail" with the strikethrough and the information that there's no thumbnail for this picture. I'm following the standard process, and there's nothing unusual about the picture, but it's like the capability is suddenly broken. I'll take your advice timetheir and use feedback to let them know.

    There's no picture in the post because I can't get the picture to load with a thumbnail. Here's the post, FWIW:

  10. Hmmm. I just noticed that the photo I've been trying to upload is very large: 766kb. I'm going to trim it back below 500kb and try again. The problem may be me...

  11. Yep---the photo was too large. I did it with the same photo around 350kb, and it worked like a charm. Good photo, too.

    Sorry for the false alarm. My bad.


  12. Yeah, I noticed anything over 400 pixels wide will screw up the page. Use thumbnails. Those are best for people with dial-up internet.

  13. Hello, I was thinking about switching from Blogspot to WordPress, but I have problems here that make me feel I am either VERY stupid OR there is some kind of an error here :)

    How can I make a photo appear in my posting (not as a link)?
    I have tried everything and read the postings here and on FAQ. They just keep appearing in DOUBLE postings, although I push "publish" once. And it does not show on the "dashboard" that I would have two of the postings. But on the website it is still double! I can`t figure it out!

    Could someone post a step-by-step guide to someone as stupid as mee as to what to do in order to have normal photo posts here? :)


  14. @bohneemlane
    (1) here are the instructions which are illustrated
    (2) we do not have a resizer so you must size your photos in microsoft paint or in photoshop, etc. before uploading them. Here are the size limitations for the themes
    (3) the double postings sound like a bug please send in a feedback to staff and report this (feedback button is on the top right hand corner of any page)

  15. Providing an example of these double posts with links would also be helpful. :)

  16. just clicking on my name beside the posting would do the trick :) BUT some angel has solved the problem (I think) as the rest of my postings decided to appear double as well.......I do hope it is solved by now, as I would not want to abandon this blogging facility :D

  17. still having issues

  18. daveandkarina - I see no posts from you in this thread. Please give all the details of the problem.

  19. I'm having similar issues with photos - I upload them to the editor, everything looks fine, links intact, then when I view the page and hover on a thumbnail I get the "404 File Not Found" error message. If I click the thumbnail, the full image appears. Not too terribly annoying, but randomly irritating.

  20. Send a feedback to staff; they are trying to track down the image 404 error and the more info they have the better.

  21. Hi, My problem is a bit different but closely related:

    I prepared 5 jpgs of no more than 150kb at 400 px wide for my new post.

    I present them full size / no link in the post.

    2 of the images show fine

    3 of the images dont show. Not in the post, nor in the "browse" section

    I then changed the dpi of the pictures to 72 (it was in 300 before) uploaded one of them, forgot to change from Thumbnail to Full Size. I check the page, it shows as a thumbnail.

    I proceed to edit the image to change from thumbnail to full size. The images shows in the "browse" section.

    I make the changes. I check the page. The image don't show.

    I have tried changing and uploading images several times... those 3 images will not show.

    Any body any idea, this is my second post and is becoming very anoying to loose so much time in such a minor thing. Please help.



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