Photos not uploading as required.

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    I uploaded my blog from live writer, two pictures were overlapped. I edited in word press adding extra carraige returns to allow space between and changed the properties to none (several tries) still no better…. I deleted the offending picture and updated… now the next picture down is overlapping the first picture…. HELP! Please

    The blog I need help with is


    Give us a link to the problematic post, please…


    With lots of fiddling I seem to have fixed it this time, but, any comments to avoid issues in the future would be welcome.


    I am having the same exact problem. I would like my images and posts to be in a line from top to bottom and I cannot seem to be able to get them to list properly without overlapping – any help is greatly apprecitated!!!



    FYI there are no subdomain URLs that contain “www”. The correct URL for your blog is

    We cannot share any advice at all with you about the specific problem you had without a link to the problematic post.



    Please post the URL for the problematic post so we can see it and help you.


    Thank you so much. Here is the URL. As you can see, the last photo, even though listed as a left alignment is stuck under the words from the text that went along with the second photo.



    The alignment icons in the editor are for text alignment they are not for alignment of images per say. The amount of text you have determines where the images will be placed. The image above the one you indicate exceeds the space (it’s longer) than the text image associated with it and displaying beside it.


    Is there any way to change that or will I have to just have the pictures on top of the words and not beside them? We liked the visual look of the pic being a thumbnail next to each paragraph, as more of a magazine style. I’m thinking this is just not possible?



    You can change edit the posts, switch to the HTML editor and manually the length of the thumbnail image so it’s the same length as the text associated with it and displayed beside it. Or you can use coding to create dead “white space” so the next image down displays as you want it to. I


    That is EXACTLY what I need to do. Do you know how I can find the code for the “White Space” to embed into the HTML portion? the regular line break code was not working



    It’s really just a matter creating blank lines between paragraphs using HTML. The editor creates only one blank line between paragraphs. If you want another blank line then use
    ‘  `





    That worked perfectly! I was trying to use the Line Break HTML code and as you can see it was unsuccessful! Thank you SO much for your help – you’re an absolute lifesaver!


    In some browsers the text-to-image relationship isn’t fixed, so if you check your page with more than one browser (and/or amount of zooming in or out) you’ll see that this didn’t work perfectly at all.

    Switch your editor to html and paste this after each image/text pair:
    <br style="clear:both;" />



    You’re welcome.

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