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  1. While preparing the posts of the blog on my computer, I found that I may need an image in more than one post, All of the images are licensed under Creative Commons (from flickr) and from my camera, The question is, Can I include a widget that tells users that the blog uses images licensed under creative commons and it links to a page with all the credits links because it is not easy to get the link of an image I used time before, and if not, Can inserting the link in Caption or Description be bad for the Image SEO?

  2. You can insert the image credit into the image caption field of each image.

  3. So, Inserting all the credits in one page is not good?

  4. Inserting the image credit for each image in the image caption field is what to do.

  5. Okay, I was planning to do this but, I found that you have a page with all the credits on "One Cool Site" and you do not add captions or links of the credits at every post ;)

    I have an issue with 2014 theme too, May I ask it in this topic or in a new one?

  6. I use some in fact many images that require no attribution at all. I know 70 sources of images that require no attribution and no I don't share those with people who want to use them as stand alone images on sites that are have advertising because the copyright holders do not allow them to be used in that manner.

    I also do not want you to get into the habit of camping out here in the support forums. Do you read me on that?

  7. Sorry for the multiple threads I opened in the last two days, I think I can now work on my blog without help, I knew everything I need to know :(

  8. Best wishes with your blog.

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