Photos OK, then disappear later

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    I have encountered this problem before, but it seems to be happening more often now.

    I had two photos in my blog appear quite nicely for a week or so, and then for now reason, they become lost to the blog. Please see .

    I find WordPress is not very photo friendly… I have a lot of problems sometimes getting photos and text to do simple things that I want them to do, like stay where I put them. But that may be a separate complaint.

    Thanks for any light that can be shed…


    There have been other complaints of this, and I have to wonder if there isn’t something going on in the background with updates or something.

    I see 12 images on the page at the link your provided. Is that what you see?



    Thanks for your reply…

    Yes, there are supposed to be 12 images, but two at the moment (to me anyway) aren’t visible and only have a frame with that little red x in the corner.

    When that little red x is clicked on, it sometimes shows the referenced image all by itself but when one returns to the blog page, the photo is still not there.

    This evening though, I get the message that the file can’t be found for both blank spots.


    Since wordpress has many servers scattered around at different locations, it may be that there is a server synchronization issue at the moment and some servers have the images, and some do not. I would wait till tomorrow morning and see if things settle down. I’m speculating, but I suspect there may be some updating going on.





    You’re welcome. Hope it settles down soon.

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