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  1. I am trying to put more than one gallery on a page. The problem is that I can't figure out how to make a gallery number two. The first gallery I successfully made but when I upload another image to use elsewhere on the page it automatically goes into the gallery. I can't seem to place an image on this page without the image going into the gallery... and I can't make a second gallery. Is there a way to put two galleries (or one gallery and then multiple different pictures) on a single page?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. If you simply use the code [gallery], then yes, the gallery will display all images currently attached to the post or page in question.

    I believe you can insert more than one gallery, or exclude/include images by modifying the shortcode and using the "attachment IDs" for each image. More info on the support documentation:

  3. You can put more than one gallery on a Page / Post

    Make Post with first Gallery

    Make scratch Post with 2nd Gallery (save as draft)

    Edit (html mode) 1st Post and add Gallery code from 2nd Gallery Post - [gallery id = "xxx"] xxx = Post id number (mouse over the Post in the edit Post area and you should see the number. You are using some Gallery Short Code -

    Test Post with 2 galleries:

    Sorry could not find the reference page - might be on Panos site.

  4. Not the Official Gallery FAQ

    Any Galleries appearing on a Page or Post have to be published. If you link to a draft post, should anyone click on a thumbnail it will return a "404-not found" error.

  5. Bummer.

  6. Clarification: the post whose ID you use must be a publicly published one - the gallery you borrow from such a post doesn't have to be inserted in that post.

    Also note that auxclass's mistake is probably due to the fact that logged-in administrators and authors don't get 404s if they use a draft post: only visitors do.

  7. Sorry about the almost - down side to being logged in as an admin.

  8. The Post I borrowed from had been published as a test - one could probably set a new Post date way in the past and use the Read More so the Gallery would be hidden.

    Thanks for the correction.

  9. @auxclass - I've actually done that for a few test Gallery posts on my a/m photography blog. The navigation gets wonky if you use "attachment pages" rather than images, so that is a consideration.

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  12. It's not worth it. Just use a separate page for each gallery and one main page as an index for each page/gallery.

    I know there are some gifted people who have exquisite photo galleries on WP but I had to find what worked for me. Maybe someday :)

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