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Photos on Site render incorrectly in IE7 - what's the problem

  1. This page:

    Looks nice and orderly in Firefox (and I'm pretty sure in Opera, as well, from prior experience). When you open it in Internet Explorer 7, it produces an overlapping mess. The photos render way too small and the text scrunches up. See the section "about my cohorts".

    Check out the source code for the post, as well, please...? Perhaps I put something down incorrectly.

  2. I suppose nobody knows, then...

  3. looks fine in firefox and opera, and not so good in safari. I don't have IE...
    I am guessing it is your table that is messing things up a little.
    Have a look at the settings of the photos, and see what distance is set between photo and text on the right hand side.

    Making a table shouldn't really be neccessary, but in theory you can set a padding on that table that will push the contents of each cell a little in. If you understand what I mean.
    Try that first, and let us know how it goes.

  4. Ah - you also have a set width of that table - change that, and see what happens.

  5. i mean for the first cell - td width="115" - remove that and see what gives.

  6. You may also want to try setting the height and width for your images.

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