Photos open to url not as larger photo in a popup box

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    Something has happened with the photo thumbnails on my blog.
    When you clicked on them before, they would open, like pop ups do, as a bigger photo. Now all they do is open to the URL of the photos file.
    How can I fix this?
    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi thanks! Was aware of all of that and that isn’t the issue.

    You know how people have lightbox and the photos open like that? Well mine used to, but now they don’t. They just stopped. And yes I’m a blog ( so I wanted to know how to get them to just pop up instead of going to the URL file.

    I hope I’m making sense!



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    As long as I have been here, there has been no lightbox function in any of the themes available on

    For a short while, we had a sort of thickbox version, but that only worked if you had the “Social Vibe” widget enabled. The catch is that only logged in folk can view the pop-up pictures…

    Can you be more specific about what the effect was?


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    For example, can you provide a link to an image that opens differently from the way the images open on your most recent posts?

    I’m wondering if you just had them open in attachment pages rather than as pop-ups?

    (I would really like the lightbox function to work here…)


    +1 for a lightbox.


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    …even maybe as a function on a premium theme…



    Maybe I did just have them open in attachment pages. Now I’m not sure. Would be great if we had a lightbox wouldn’t it? Perhaps because I once had a blog when I realised that these were going straight to url I thought this was wrong… now I honestly don’t remember. Wish I had a memory! Sorry everyone. And especially sorry for getting your hopes up for a lightbox type thing. I guess since no other blogs ever had this feature I must not have realised it to start with. :(

    Sorry. :(

    Thank you for all your help and input. I really appreciate it.



    +2 for a lightbox

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