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Photos Page?

  1. cheeseballpuff

    I wanted to have a Page for pictures and I previously would use a plugin and have it redirect to Flickr, but with, is there a way to do something similar or a good way to display photo albums?

  2. You have a flickr widget which you can configure and place in your sidebar. ->dashboard -> presentation -> sidebar widgets -> drag and drop the flickr widget from available widgets into the sidebar where you want it to be -> click "save changes"
    Proceed to the forum search box and type in "flickr" - you will find many threads because this has been discussed here many times.
    The search box is always a good resource to use prior to posting to the forum. ;)
    happy blogging!

  3. cheeseballpuff

    I read the other postings about Flickr but it still didn't answer my question. I didn't want a FLickr widget, but a page that can be directed to my Flickr albums or a way to post my albums on my blog without having the widget. Plus the theme that I am using doesn't support widgets I don't think.

  4. I don't think there's a way to have pages redirect to other websites, but it would be good idea. A lot of themes have the button-links on top, and it would be a much more convenient way of linking off-site content. You should probably send in a feedback request.

  5. I dont see why you couldn't have a thumbnails page, and by clicking on a thumb get to your Flickr album, or to a particular place there.

  6. cheeseballpuff

    That's a good idea, I didn't think of that. Thanks!

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