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Photos turning to Xs

  1. Why all of a sudden are so many of my photos either vanishing, or turning to Xs?

  2. mysavannahcottage

    I don't know, but mine are, too.

  3. Apparently, mine too.

  4. Can some post a specific URL please?

  5. @guerro - your images showed up fine for me just now and loaded pretty quick

    @mysavannahcottage - your images all showed up for me, but took a "long" time to load the page. Can you make the images smaller in size or limit the number of posts on the main page being shown?

    @tjsama - Are all the links correct? The images that didn't show up (not many) have links like this one that show a 404 page for file not shown.


  6. trent, the problem is, those files are working yesterday. I'm able to view those "files" in my uploads section. By right if the files are no longer there, I won't see them there (in the uploads).

  7. Anyways I have no problem reuploading the files. I just wanted to check if the problem is coming from myself.

  8. A red x will show up sometimes with pics---this is usually a browser issue. usually your cache is too full. if you click on the "x " the pic should appear.

  9. My firefox always clears all the cache each time I start the browser...

  10. tjsama: I think the problems with your images were with the thumbnails only - the full size images were fine. I'm not sure why the thumbnails were missing, but it sounds like they're working now.

  11. okay. I'll check it later. thanks for the quick reply =)

  12. The image on this post
    was reported as not showing on different browsers by several readers. On 2 machines at work, one showed it, the other did not. Reuploaded. Still faulting for some. Uploaded different version of pic. Still no good. Seemed to be OK later in the day. After seeing this forum, I'm thinking wordpress problem.

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