Photos upload with degraded quality

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    I’ve noticed that photos upload with degraded quality.

    Compare a photo (of bigger file size) in my photoblog here –, with a smaller in file size version here – You cannot but notice the poorer author’s mark at the bottom and poorer resolution/sharpness of the version in my wordpress photoblog.

    Further, the original from my computer (of the one I uploaded to the blog) is of much better quality. But WordPress has obviously tweaked something so that nice pictures lose in the upload, degrade in sharpness and feel. When I downloaded the picture back from the blog it turned out that instead of the original 345 KB it weighed only 245 KB. What the hell? Why are you making the files smaller without my consent?

    I really hate the idea of being totally disappointed with WordPress because of that issue, but it is quickly going there.

    The blog I need help with is



    There are several threads on the issue, but no real workarounds.



    So, it is a known bug? Or issue? Or normal thing? Do I take it that WP makes photos smaller automatically whatever the settings or choice of bloggers and without warning of degradation?



    I have found that the larger the image, the poorer the quality…dunno why.



    I have read about deleting the size mentions in advanced settings of the image in html-mode and it worked. Now I have to somehow figure out the maximum width of my theme posting area not to exceed it and not to drive the side panel to the bottom.



    What really bugs me is that I now have to go and manually update all 250-300 photos in my photoblog. (((((


    Even when I adjust the size of my photo accordingly, the quality is diminished. The only workaround I’ve found to be wonderful is uploading photos to a separate gallery site, such as Photo Bucket, then adding your image “From URL.” I have found that WP doesn’t seem to allow URLs from Flickr, not sure why.

    And as of today, I haven’t been able to upload any file from URL. There is something wrong with the image from URL function.

    Anybody have an idea why this is happening? The “Insert Image” button is inactive all of a sudden.



    Yes, I’ve also just attempted to use the image from URL function with no luck. I want to write a piece on the work of graphic designer friend whose work I want featured in as high quality as possible. The degradation of images is my only disappointment so far with WordPress.



    Well, I’ve only deleted size figures in the posts from the latest 5 pages of posts (out of 18). So it will take me a few days to finish. But before I continue here’s another issue.

    I opened each post in edit, clicked on the edit image (left picture of two appearing on the image if you click on it), went to advanced editing and deleted width/height, updated the image info and then updated the post. Yes, resolution and image size were original after that.

    But I noticed that if after updating the post you go through the same on the same picture width/height boxes are filled in again, as if you haven’t just deleted everything from there. It doesn’t affect the quality, but it poses questions whether this editing/updating is final and won’t be reversed after some time back to degraded quality.

    I wouldn’t want to update all 250-300 photos only to find out it was all in vain.

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