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photos will only post to the top of the each post

  1. gabrielcgottlieb

    I can't post photos underneath my posts anymore, they only post to the top of each post this week. I've tried many times. I've logged out and then logged in again, I've erased the old photos from the gallery and uploaded them again, and I've erased the post and created a new one and I still can't get my photos to post where I want them to (on two separate posts), they just always post to the top of each post automatically. I haven't had this problem before, and I have been posting on my blog every week for several months. I sent two messages to wordpress support, and they haven't gotten back to me or done anything about it. If I can't post photos underneath each post on my blog, then I will have to shut down my blog just as I was getting a hundred views a day. Has anyone else had this problem? I know it's not a problem with my computer or camera. Something is wrong with wordpress's system and if they don't fix it, then my blog is dead. Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Gabriel, I am not having your problem. I am assuming you are using the WP editor?

    The only suggestion I can give you is be VERY careful where your cursor is. You have to be able to see both the positision of your cursor and the tollbar at the same time, in my experience.

    To achieve this, scroll up in the editing window intil you can see the position your cursor is, THEN using the actual IE scroll bar to scroll up until you can see the WP editing toolbar.

    Then and only then insert yout picture.

  3. I'm having the same problem. Regardless where I place the cursor, the photo will only appear at the top. It worked no problem when I posted earlier in the week. Others have been having the issue for a couple days now it seems.

  4. @gabrielcgottlieb
    What I see on your blog is a small centered image at the top of your posts and then very large images at the end of the post. I'm sorry I cannot help and sorry Staff has not been able to resolve this issue for you as yet. I hope this will be sorted very soon.

  5. @terii
    We Volunteers don't even know what the URL of the blog you are having this issue with is. If your haven't already done so please contact Staff.

  6. gabrielcgottlieb

    thanks for looking into this. It seems like a widespread problem, so there should be people working on it. My blog has a certain format where I can only post most of my photos below the article, so that's why it's so important that this be resolved for me to be able to continue.

  7. Same for my blog...i cant upload a picture underneath...and it just goes straight back to the top

  8. I have that problem too.
    The workaround for now is:
    Insert the image/media as usual.
    It shows up at the top.
    Go to HTML view and copy the url and delete it.
    Paste it where you want it to go.

    It's all good - at least until they fix it.

  9. Thank goodness I'm not the ONLY one! Crap, I thought I was going nuts or something. I've already written WordPress about the issue but they hadn't replied back, yet. So I wrote them again...

    What I've been doing so far is copying and pasting the pic to where I want it.

    WordPress Plz fix this! >_> and TY.

  10. Yeah, this has gone on way too long.

  11. I reported this problem yesterday. I have always had one main pic at the top of the blog but then could place small pics within the blog. This has worked perfectly up until yesterday when for some reason any pic I want to add midway through the blog ends up above the first main pic.

    I just feel that something has been changed since yesterday

  12. I had to do more testing! It is not happening to me all the time. If I upload from my harddrive and insert into the post, it is fine. If I insert from the Gallery, sometimes it goes to the top of the post.

    It isn't consistent, for me anyway, and seems it hit me a little later that some of you. This would make sense, as I assume the software is replicated across servers around the world.

  13. Mine is doing the exact same thing, I've managed to be able to rectify it by copying and pasting the image where I want it to go and then deleting the original. However, this takes forever to sort out. If anyone gets a reply from the support team about what they're doing or how to fix it, please let us know! Thanks, Emma

  14. Don't forget folks - this IS a long weekend. There may not be many programming staff around until the holidays are over.

  15. I started having the same problem a few days ago and found that others were having the same problem. I, too reported it to Support but haven't heard anything back from them. Pics are a big part of my blog and I need to be able to place them throughout the page. I agree....this needs to be fixed soon.

  16. How come Moderators/Support Staff haven't written i this thread yet? Usually we get confirmation that they are working on issues...

  17. I found the answer to this problem! I logged off and got out of Internet Explorer, then reopened the blog in Mozilla Firefox. Problem GONE. Now the photos actually go where the cursor is placed.

  18. Fairyseeker I just found the same solution - Firefox instead of IE.

    So what is it about the templates and IE? I was using an older version till yetsterday when I upgraded to IE8. But this didn't solve the problem either.

    Something must have changed on the WordPress side.....

    I'm using Kubrick

  19. Having the same problem, but I only have IE on my computer. What to do?

  20. Pollplayer is free and easy to dowload Mozilla Firefox and/or Google Chrome online. Search for it using your IE browser and follow the instructions.

  21. If you don't have Firefox it's free so you can download it.

    Have you all contacted Staff? They only monitor these threads.

  22. can download a free copy of Mozilla (Firefox) and then open your blog from that browser. I just did and my pictures are posting correctly again....but I find IE easier to use with Word Press so I hope this is fixed soon.

  23. Actually it's Firefox that's recommended for WordPress and not IE. IE has so many issues that many of us would like to see Microsoft dump it completely.

  24. Although I'm able to post my pics with Firefox, IE is much easier to use in Word Press (and I'm not a Microsoft fan).

  25. I've occasionally had that problem and had a similar one: once i've inserted photos into a post I can't then add spaces in between to put text in. I used to be able to but not recently. I use Google Chrome.

  26. It's the Easter long weekend so if you are solution orientated I suggest you all try Firefox. These threads are monitored but as for expecting Staff to respond here and to sort this right away is not likely to happen. I could be wrong but I surmise that any response will be to the effect of ...

    thanks so much for sending in your support tickets in to Staff has received them and is working on a solution but has none to offer at this time.

  27. I reported this on Thursday and still haven't rec'd a cursory response.

  28. I'm sorry I was not clear enough previously. I'm so sorry but we Volunteers cannot help you and continuing to bump this thread will not result in a magical solution to the issue, which is no longer affecting your ability to blog. :( You are in fact using Firefox successfully and that means you are doing better than those who cannot even log-in.

  29. I'm having the same problem. I've found a temporary solution

    1. Post the pic in Text editor.
    2. Switch to HTML editor and copy the code for the pic
    3. Paste it where you want it (In HTML)
    4. Save
    5. Switch back to Text Editor and delete the pic on the top of the post.

    Annoying, but it works.

  30. Ooops. honolulunotes already explained this earlier. Apparently I'm not the only one who missed it?

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