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photos will only post to the top of the each post

  1. @momfog
    True honolulunotes did post that here
    What I notice is that many who post into forum threads do not actually read what's gone before. They simply post that they have the same problem.

  2. I have the same problem and reported it to staff. Just had an exchange with a staff person who asked me to try editing my blog on Mozilla Firefox to determine if the problem is exclusively related to Internet Explorer users. I did so and discovered that I could edit the blog on Firefox without any problems so the problem is related to Internet Explorer. Staff is working to resolve the problem.

  3. @timethief Not reading what others post in a thread defeats the purpose of a forum. Especially if looking for information on how to fix a problem. I don't understand people sometimes. :-)

  4. @momfog
    I have been guilty of skim reading and missing important information in threads more than once so I'm not throwing the first stone ... lol :D

  5. I am also having these issues of the photos always inserted to the top, using IE8.

  6. Hi guys, we're looking into these reports. The trouble with inserting images seems to be limited to Internet Explorer, so using Firefox or Chrome is a good workaround while we work out what's causing the problem in IE.

    We'll keep you posted on progress.

  7. timethief, I think people post that they are having the same problem simply to show the scope of the problem, to show WordPress that it's not just one or two people having the difficulty.

  8. @tiquose, and it is also very likely that there are far more people contacting Support directly with this problem, which we of course cannot see.

  9. @designsimply
    There are threads wherein users state they are having issues with Chrome and Firefox too.

  10. Thanks for the info about trying to use Firefox or Chrome. I've also been having this issue (hence my post on the first page) and I also use IE.

    edit: wait--- so people with firefox etc. are having issues too? This is getting confusing.. :( I wonder why it's suddenly started happening in the first place?? The first time I noticed it was around last Thursday... ?

  11. Timethief, it must be tedious for regular posters to answer the same questions over and over. However, many of us are having to search out the solution to a problem for the first time. Search terms bring us to whichever post comes up. Do you not think most would 'read the threads that have come before' if they could find them?

    I have seen threads here on WordPress forums where someone has complained of people 'not reading the threads' to find the answer and then posting the link to an appropriate thread for them, just like you have in this thread. Sometimes when you click on the link, it is out of date or broken.

    I hope this serves as an explanation and not a stone thrown.

    Someone tried to answer my question about not being able to move photos and not seeing the curser in Firefox (I had commented that switching to FF had solved my other problem, the subject of this thread) and I was referred here???

    Maybe adult reading comprehension, which is supposed to be poor generally is to blame for all. :-)

    When the answer is simple, like "Switch to Firefox" like designsimply did, that may be easier than looking up and posting a link.

  12. I just installed Firefox and now it works correctly for me. However it's weird trying to get used to a new toolbar and explorer... :/

  13. I am having the same problem so I go into the HTML editor and cut and paste the photo code into the place I want it. It seems to stay in the right place after that but it is a drag to move each photo.

  14. @suewylan
    There are threads wherein users state they are having issues with Chrome and Firefox too.

    The next time you decide to post a lecture into a thread that you haven't even posted into before I suggest you check that urge lest you find yourself blowing into a headwind.

  15. @jamesonv
    Thanks so much for sharing what's working for you.

  16. Timethief, I know! It IS like blowing into a headwind sometimes, you're right. Finding the answer to a question and sorting through all the many posts here can usually solve your problem quickly and you've been a great help! Thanks for the link.

  17. @suewylan
    Setting aside adversity, I'm so glad we met because I spent some time in your blog. I'm also a wildflower lover but I live in a completely different zone (Pacific North West). Your photos are delightful. :)

  18. Thanks, TT, I glad to see we have common interests besides blogging. We can grow the same things, but yours get more moisture. :-)

  19. designsimply,

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Looking forward that it will be restored to it's original state.


  20. I found that I am having the same problem, so I contacted support staff, and I am glad they are working on it. I thought maybe it was something I had done. In the interim, I decided to try to restore my computer to an earlier date. I picked a date that was before the problem started, but the restore didn't help. The problem still resiedes there.

  21. @bobzeller
    It's a browser compatibility issue so restoring your computer to an earlier date does not in any way affect a change. Are you using IE (internet Explorer)? If so then have you tried using Firefox? Only of us those who have posted did not experience success after switching to Firefox.

  22. I haven't tried Firefox. I am an IE user. I am inclined to wait a bit to see if support can overcome and fix the problem. I am a 77 year old non-techie, so I am reluctant to try to make any drastic changes as yet.

  23. Okay I just wanted to be sure you knew that option was available to you. :)

  24. Thanks for caring. Actually, I didn't know about trying Firefox until I got onto this forum. I will give it some thought. I want to be sure that I won't mess anything up. I have the Midas touch. Everything I touch turns in to a muffler. :-)

  25. @bobzeller
    I ♥ your sense of humor. :) I have both IE and Firefox installed on my PC and I only use IE when I have to see what others using it are describing.

  26. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one...not really looking to move from IE to Firefox, but will instead try the HTML copy/paste trick and hope it's fixed soon. Thanks!

  27. Good luck with the workaround. :)

  28. I reported the same problem as those above and have switched to Firefox to post blogs for now. But, like others, I am an "older" user and don't react well to getting used to "new-fangled" things. Please continue to work to correct problem on Internet Explorer so I can return to being unstressed :)!

  29. gabrielcgottlieb

    I notice when I open the photo browser dialogue box, the cursor seems to disappear just before the box opens. Maybe that's part of the problem, because the cursor used to always be visible even through the dialogue box.

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