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photos will only post to the top of the each post

  1. Been trying to follow this somewhat confusing thread, wanting to respond to lots of different remarks but it's a workday and so, not a whole lot of time for that, LOL. BUT....I will reiterate....I do use Firefox most of the time and I am having the same prob with the "add image" button that folks are having who use IE. Not sure why, if some of you change over and it fixes your issue. I'm kinda wondering now what would happen if I switched over to IE from Firefox? Just to see if it would help.

    Amen, Jamesonv! He sez: I am having the same problem so I go into the HTML editor and cut and paste the photo code into the place I want it. It seems to stay in the right place after that but it is a drag to move each photo.

    I've been doing that, and what a pain it is indeed, when you have about a thousand photos to fix in their "homes." I am stubborn, I want to do things the way I envision them so they'll look great....haha

    Well, I'm sure the staff is swamped with complaints so let's all just hope the issues are fixed, eventually...

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    I do use Firefox most of the time and I am having the same prob with the "add image" button that folks are having who use IE.
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  3. I finally made the switch to Firefox, and the problem has disappeared. I may learn to love and adore Firefox.


  4. @bobzeller
    Good for you Bob! I'm so glad you are blogging on using Firefox. :)

  5. gabrielcgottlieb

    I just tried to post pictures, and now I can post at the bottom, but when I save and view it, I only see one picture and all my captions underneath it. So, I still can't post. If wordpress doesn't fix this, then they're going to go out of business.

  6. I had the same problem with pics going right to the top but it seems to be fixed now...

  7. As far as I can see, it's been fixed. I haven't had time to do much in here, but I'm praying that the staff have got this important problem resolved! I don't think we realize how crucial the WP functions are until we have to do without them...

  8. @happypoppeye & honeybunch55
    I'm glad to hear the issue has been fixed for you. Thanks for letting us know that. :)

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  10. @aiyana7
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