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Photos won't upload

  1. I just tried uploading a photo to my blog post and when I clicked the 'upload' button it didn't do anything. Have tried several times now with other photos with no luck. I have not previously had this problem. Is anyone else having it?

  2. When creating and uploading an image to here are some basics worth remembering:
    (1) Be sure your image is one of these file types - jpg, jpeg, png, gif (Note that bmp's and tiff's are not supported).
    (2) Do not use anything in the file name except letters and numbers. Use no spaces, no dashes, no underscores, or any type of special character or punctuation, except for the dot between the file name and the extension. Also make sure that the file name has an extension.
    (3) If you are using iPhoto, then use the "export" function under the file menu to export the image to your desktop before trying to upload it to WordPress.
    (4) If you are not using the image in thumbnail size, make sure that the image is not too wide for the post area in your particular theme. You can find maximum image widths for the most popular themes here:
    (5) Optimize your images so that your blog pages will load faster. See
    (6) How to upload pictures in posts:
    (7) How do I get text to go around a picture:

  3. how can i get jpg, jpeg, png, gif for a picture file name? Everytime I make a pic its always bmp.

  4. You need to transform the image into a different format, not just change the name. You'll need to do that in a graphics program on your computer like Photoshop or something.

  5. There should be a pulldown so that you can choose format when you do a "save as" on the image, even in the windows paint program.

  6. BFFSF - Did you figure it out? I'm having the same problem ... with JPGs. I know it's not me. Been doing this for a while. I click Upload and it just does I didn't even click it.

  7. southportdrinker

    same problem, used to work fine, now I just get a stripey "progress bar" and nothing else. Have tried updating explorer and flash.

  8. Then don't use the Flash uploader; use the Browser uploader. That should work; it's basically just the old uploader.

  9. gettinitpegged

    I've been having the same trouble for 2 days now, and I've never had this before...have uploaded tons of pics, so I know the's just that it stopped working. When I click on the "add media" in the "write new post" page, it just goes to a brown screen with the loading (stripey) will not go to the photo upload page at all. Everytime I try to reach support, I get a message that says they are currently not open, even though I am trying during the "open times" listed. Please help! I'm falling behind on my posting for the week! Thanks.

  10. I am experiencing a similar issue with file uploads. I get to the part where it is "crunching", then I get an IO error. This is on a Windows XP box running IE6.

    I have had success using a Mac, so there must be something missing on the Windows box.

    raincoaster mentioned to usee the Browser uploader. How do I do that? When I click on the upload photo buttton, it kicks off flash.

  11. When you open the Upload Media thing: Under the browse box and button is a line something like "not liking the Flash Uploader? Try the Browser Uploader instead!" and you click on the words Browser Uploader. That works well.

    I myself have never succeeded in getting the Flash uploader to work, ever.

    @ gettinitpegged, once you've got a file uploaded, just copy the URL that it shows you in the Upload box and put that in using the old Image Icon, the tree. You can then format it and have even more options than the current uploader gives you.

  12. > "Try the Browser Uploader instead!" and you click on the words Browser Uploader. That works well. "

    Nope, that doesn't work either (in IE7). The image will upload to the media library, but the html IMG tag doesn't go into the text. I've switched to Firefox for editing, no problems yet.

  13. Well, follow the second half of that post: just grab the URL and put it in following my instructions.

    Firefox works best with, no question about it.

  14. Sometimes a file will not load due to an overload of "temporary internet files" I got
    an error message the other day, and this was the problem.
    Go to "my computer" then control panel-then,"internet properties", then click the box
    saying "delete history" or Delete temporary internet files. If your browser is "full" it sometimes
    will not "load" another picture...I say this because you said, you had it work before. Also
    a reboot may be in order...hope this helps you. Stephen Monday

  15. gettinitpegged

    "@ gettinitpegged, once you've got a file uploaded, just copy the URL that it shows you in the Upload box and put that in using the old Image Icon, the tree. You can then format it and have even more options than the current uploader gives you."

    I am not able to upload gets frozen at the opening page of the "add media" click. It's just a see thru brown screen with the striped loading bar, that never finishes loading the page.

  16. I'm having the same prob off and on ever since wordpress made all those changes.

  17. everyoneknowsbest

    i thought i was the only one! :P ive just started at this and its frustrating coz i dont wanna go from a couple of posts a day to nothing while i figure out what to do.

    i get as far as clicking upload image or whatever it says, then the big black square just comes up and doesnt go away ie. no code/actual image ends up in my post!

    all my files are jpg and i edit their size with irfanview first so i dont really get whats going on.. so far ive uploaded 2 pics and 1 video, of which i had suchhhh a hard time with the video coming up, and had to try and try with 1 of the pics.

    once again, SO annoying. hope someone can shed some light!

  18. everyoneknowsbest

    actually correction, i get as far as insert in post then a white square comes up and the bacgorund goes black. then nothing happens, it just freezes

  19. Ive got the same problem - stripy bar but no pictures up loading - been like this for three days now. Have uploaded pictures before - would like to do so in the future dont know what to do for the now.

  20. Are you using the flash uploader or the Browser uploader? The Browser uploader seems to work for me on my ancient system. You click Add Media and under the Browse box and Upload button you'll see a sentence about the Browser uploader and a button next to that. Click it and try.

  21. My problem is that the screen comes up to do an upload, but the buttons are not shown, I'm only getting the very bottom portion of the screen, cutting off 2/3 of the top half of the page.

  22. pamajama, I learned that if you clear out your cache of temporary internet files that that should correct the problem of only half the screen loading. I tried it when I had that problem and it worked.

  23. I'm having similar problems uploading images. I'm sure the file sizes and names are good. I've tried both the Flash and Browser uploads to no avail. Using Firefox and Windows XP. Getting frustrated.

  24. Looks like its a problem with firefox
    I unfortunately had to switch to IE which successfully uploaded the image.

  25. Truitz, thanks, it was slow but at least it worked.

  26. I've had this problem since Friday. I've tried both Flash and Browser. Don't even try to ask WP Support; they won't own the problem--"something down the line; we don't see what you see." I see the white screen of death. I must have hit an airhole at one point I guess, and the photo actually inserted, but I've been unable to repeat this miracle.

    I have IE7 and the latest Adobe Flash and Windows XP. It's a glitch but obviously most of the clientele isn't afflicted.

    It would be helpful to know where effected people are. I'm in the Pacific Northwest. There might be a server problem in a particular area.

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