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    I paid for the CSS upgrade and you can see that I’ve managed to get a good start on customizing the look of my blog. I downloaded the vintage polka dots theme from here:

    My question is when I opened up the download there are a bunch of php files and I’m not sure what to do with them. I have textpad so I’m able to open the files and read them, but I’m not sure where to plug them in on my CSS. I’ve googled and even emailed the person who designed the theme, but so far no luck. I’m really just wanting everything on my blog to line up properly just like the screenshot shows on the link above.

    Do I need to do something with these php files in order to accomplish that?

    Any help would be soooo very much appreciated!!!

    The blog I need help with is



    The CSS upgrade only enables you to style a theme that’s already available in your dashboard.



    Thanks for your quick reply! :)

    So what I’ve done so far — change the background and header is as far as I’ll be able to go? I won’t be able to manage the columns, etc.?

    I guess I thought I was styling the sandbox theme. Is that wrong?



    You will be able to do those things and more, provided you learn how to use CSS. My blog is completely customized using Custom CSS, and it’s amazing what some people have managed to do with theirs. There are some examples in the forum (I think there’s a thread called Sandbox Contest that shows off some of the best, you can search for it). I suggest you check out Zen Garden, a site to demonstrate what people can do with CSS, as well as the resources listed at the top of the CSS forum.



    Thanks, raincoaster. :)

    I’ve checked out most of the resources at the top of the forum, but haven’t looked at the contest yet. That is my next stop. :)

    In the last several minutes I’ve managed to make my titles bigger and bolder. I have a small bit of CSS experience (as far as adding in backgrounds, changing fonts, etc.) but I have no idea what to do with the php files.

    Do you have a suggestion on how to make the column line up properly? Anything to do with the php files or just a matter of playing around with the pixel width?

    Off to check out the other sandbox blogs!


    @brackfamily, if you are using Firefox as a browser, you might want to get the Firebug addon. It makes it very easy to identify what CSS controls what elements in the blog, and also allows you to try changes to the CSS on the fly on. It is a very useful tool.



    Thanks, but I’m using IE.



    IE8 has a very similar tool (built in) called Developers Tools on the Tools menu.

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