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PHP - random div names?

  1. I have a piece of php I'm using on wordpress blog posts. It is a simple fade in/ fade out, but it works by knowing the div's exact class.
    <script type="text/javascript"><br /> jQuery(function(){<br /> jQuery('.story-wrap').mouseenter(<br /> function(){<br /> jQuery('.dates .a').fadeOut(300, function(){<br /> jQuery('.dates .share').fadeIn(300);<br /> });<br /> }<br /> );<br /> jQuery('.story-wrap').mouseleave(<br /> function(){<br /> jQuery('.dates .share').fadeOut(300, function(){<br /> jQuery('.dates .a').fadeIn(300);<br /> });<br /> }<br /> );<br /> });<br /> </script>
    It works great but when I use it on an archive page and there is more than one instance of the div class, they all react at the same time. I want each div to react separately, eg you hover div one and only div one reacts not every div.

    Is there some way I can create a random div name each time dynamicaly and have the script work with that somehow??

    Thanks so much for any help!

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