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    Hello everyone,
    I’m working on my company’s website and trying to figure out how to get an “aside” type thing to work using an older version of WordPress (our server will not work with the new WordPress)
    What I want to do is have a single post titled “PERSON’S NAME” being their profile page, and have a second post titled “PERSON’S NAME 1” or somesuch, which will have resume information and will display on the side of the main post. The whole thing needs to be PHP so that a less experienced user can simply create PERSON’S NAME and PERSON’S NAME 1 and have it lay out correctly.
    Logically, I think there should be a way of doing a
    or something that would do this, but I haven’t gotten it to work and haven’t seen where I can get help doing this. Can anyone here give me a hint?
    Or, if this is impossible, how to fetch a post with the same name but from a different category?
    Thank you,
    (I know there are plugins that could do this, but since we are running old WordPress, most plugins don’t work and we are trying to avoid them)



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    You are probably in the wrong forum – see above for more info


    but since we are running old WordPress,

    Is really bad – part of the WordPress upgrades are about security each time a security hole is found – you should upgrade your install before your system gets hacked or other bad things happen to it


    I know it’s bad :( But apparently we can’t upgrade until our server provider fixes their stuff.
    I guess I *am* in the wrong forum! I can’t seem to keep track of what is .org and what is .com. Thanks, I’ll ask over there.
    Hopefully I can convince the tech guy to change us to a different provider soon. We’re not really tech savvy here (I’m an intern and the only one here who knows any php) so it’s hard to get things updated.



    You be welcome & good luck

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