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Piano Black: Navigation and h3 tags need love

  1. I activated Piano Black on my Gallery Demo blog @ and found two things that need attention:

    1. Navigation of Subpages: navigation is fine if you only have Child pages under a Parent page. However, if you have other sub-pages under those Child pages, the drop-down menu for those pages is out of sight, off screen. My monitor has a resolution of 1280pixels wide.
    2. Text using h3 tags is black, which on a black background makes them invisible.

    Otherwise, this is one lovely theme.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks much for these reports, we'll get things fixed up soon.

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    The subpage navigation is unfortunately a side effect of this theme putting the navigation on the far right sideā€”it's an edge case for menus having more than one level deep on the menu item to the farthest right in a small menu. It's not something we're going to fix, since it would require changing the design of the theme to push menu to the far left.

    For the h3 issue: can you post a link to a post where I can see that? I looked at your demo blog and didn't see the problem.

  4. Hi Lance, thanks for your input.

    Understand about the navigation Guess it's a case for using a Custom menu instead of the default page hierarchy.

    The h3 tag is on this Page, which you probably couldn't get to because of the navigation problem.

    Thanks for looking.

  5. Also, I'm hijacking my own thread to ask you if you wouldn't mind having a look at this thread about a problem with Manifest. :) Thanks

  6. For that page, check the page content: you have the h3 wrapped in a span forcing it to black. It's not in the theme CSS file.

  7. Thanks for the note on the Manifest bug, we'll take a look.

  8. How odd about the span. Everything I wrote in that Page was done with the Visual Editor and because the blog was set up to show defaults, there should not be any special text color displaying there. I'll check into it. Thanks

    Thanks for looking at the other thread as well.

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