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pic captions not happening :-(

  1. Hello all. This I don't get. I know that sometimes things online are sticky. A picture might not load on a webpage even though the page has finished loading. My caption for a pic I recently added to a blog post wouldn't show up nohow. I refreshed. I deleted the pics (I had added one thinking I had missed some 'saves' somewhere) from my library and started fresh. I had a quick go-over of the instructions for adding media, although I'm now up to about 372 blog posts and do not find this attaching of images, with captions, to be especially difficult.

    But, Maybe it 'is' me. Still, In case it's not, perhaps someone knows something that he or she can share with me.

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please post a link to the post or page you are having this caption problem in.

  3. Hi Timethief.


    The Master should show the caption I made for it. It reads:

    Jonathan Pryce as The Master in “The Curse Of Fatal Death”

    And that's what I see for that pic in my library.

  4. "The Master should show the caption I made for it."
    No, because you didn't enter that in the Caption field, you entered it in the Description field.

  5. Really? I'm losing it! But I do thank you. Please don't put me on an iceflow - just yet.

  6. My blog has never gone wonky, really. Tonight is an exception. I no sooner fixed the above 'problem', when something snapped and my post count per page jumped way past the 6 or so I set for it and the additional posts sported a red background that isn't part of the Sapphire theme!

  7. You're welcome!
    As for the new problem, I guess you're referring to 'infinite scrolling'. But I'm seeing you fixed it.

  8. Er. Yes. I didn't have it before. I didn't turn it on or off or otherwise pay any attention to it. I simply had my posts set at a comfortable 5 posts per page and that's what I saw on my blog. Until the infinite setting got tripped. Anywho, All's well that ends well. I won't worry about that mystery. As long as I can function...

    Thanks again everyone. Later...

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