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    Hi you all,
    I am about to launch my new blog and I need help to get rid of that blue fram that pops up on the bueno theme. Can anyone please help me? I have found several posts about CSS or something, I dont understand how to use that though…

    this is my blog danielkederstedt.wordpress.com

    The blog I need help with is paforekommenanledning.wordpress.com.


    You can get rid of the blue by editing the image after you insert it by clicking on the image, click on the edit icon (mountain) and then you enter the following in the “style” field.



    Oops, I forgot to include an important part. When you click the “edit image” button, then click on the “advanced” tab at the top of the screen that opens. That is where you will find the “style” field.



    how can i put my picture in into more large size?

    more than 1024pix would be better,

    thank you


    Umm you can’t with Bueno. It has a maximum image width in the post area of about 500px. Putting a 1024px wide image in there would mean more than half of it would be cut off.

    Upload larger versions of the image and then link the smaller versions in the posts to those the larger versions which will open in the browser.

    A couple things you should consider.

    42% of those on the web are on 1024 x 768
    17% of those on the web are on 1280 x 800
    17% of those on the web are on 1280 x 1024
    4% of those on the web are on 1680 x 1050

    The above means that images wider than that will require a vast majority of people to scroll horizontally to see part of the image, and horizontal scrolling is the #3 out of 10 things people dislike on the web.

    Also, a 1024 wide, or wider image is going to have a large file size. That means a slow loading page, and that is another thing people one the web detest. Also search engines are now using page loading times when calculating search engine placement and page rank. Slower loading sites with lots of images will take a substantial hit with the search engines.

    My suggestion: Link the images in your posts and pages to the larger version and then if the person wants to wait for that huge image to download, they can.


    You also have to take into account that you have a sidebar on the blog to consider (unless you use a theme without a sidebar) which means the effective maximum width for the post area is always going to be around 850px to 900px.

    Take a look at this post by Panos which lists the widths of the various themes here.





    Thank you very much. and I have one more problem that i need to overcome:

    my blog is about weddding photographer. and i want to easy search by ppl who need wedding photo service.

    i already tried to search it by type “wedding photo” in some search engine, it didn’t show my blog, even i type “wordpress masterwaiming wedding”, so What can i do to promote it easy?


    It can take 4-6 weeks for the search engines to get your blog indexed. Bing has found it, but Google has not yet. You can speed up this process by verifying your blog with Google and Yahoo (Bing already has you).


    It will take 3-6 month, and possibly a year before you build enough page rank to start showing up high in searches. Keep working and keep posting and let all your friends know and have them spread the word as well.

    Also, look around and find other wedding and photography sites and look around them and if you find something that interests you, comment on it and make sure that you list your website so that people can click on your username and get to your site. If you are commenting on wordpress.com blogs, and you are logged in, wordpress will do that automatically for you.

    Also I notice that you have not been entering “alt” text for your images. That is very important for search engines as they will not pick up your photos unless they have an “alt” tag. Edit each of your posts, click on the image to highlight it, then click on the edit image button and enter alt text for each image and then update the post.

    Google image search is a great source of traffic.

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