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  1. My blog is . I tried to import an image from . They are saying we have to import a widget which is not compatible and ominously says they will support images already embedded for now . I'd rather half my images didn't disappear . Has anybody heard anything ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you followed these no widget required use the shortcode instructions for blogs?

  3. official announcement re: picapp shotcode for wordpress,com blogs

    Is this the entry over at picapp you are referring to?

  4. Yes - it implies we are unable to use without the widget . Before it was just a matter of copying and pasting but now it seems we have to register for this widget and download it or maybe I am misunderstanding the situation .

  5. Sadly, it looks as though PicApp no longer supports's shortcode, at least I could not find anything on their site about it. It's either the download the plugin, which we can't do, or use the javascript version, which we also can't do.

    I just sent them feedback on their website and will post back here should they sent a reply

  6. Looks like I'm behind in my reading. :) Seems like they're waiting for something on's side.

  7. I'm surprised too. If the shortcode worked then why is a widget required?

  8. In the blog my old images are showing them with the new system at the moment but they hint that this maybe temporary . I thought the new system was that the Happiness Engineers were going to check forum questions first or has this become too troublesome ? Not that I'm unhappy with your reply - it confirms how I read it but it would be nice to hear these announcements from official sources . Reading between the lines it seems the trouble lies at this end .

  9. If you want to contact Staff please use this link >

  10. Thanks for your help - I'll do that .

  11. Best wishes. :)

  12. I'm using Picapp images on both my internal and external sites and haven't installed any widget. I doubt I will do it either. Will let you know if they start taking their old images down.

  13. I just checked my external blog, and it appears that their script has overridden my own code and turned ALL my images into links to their site. Since I always link the image to its source, this is EXTREMELY problematic and I will stop using Picapp immediately on all my blogs.

  14. They've gone rogue!!!!

  15. They picked the wrong day to do it. I have to contribute to two tech blogs today and I feel like emailing Valleywag too.

  16. Go for it.

  17. Hi Guys ,
    picapp just launch its new product , the picapp widget , that turns every static image into a dynamic photo gallery. We built this tool based on feedback we got from many of you guys and are very pleased from the initial results.

    Clarification #1 --> do you have to install the widget? :
    no. installing the widget is not mandatory at all. you do it only if you like it and see the value in installing it! what we do ask however is for you to register on the new site.

    Clarification #2 --> does the new widget is supported

    Clarification #3 ( @raincoaster) --> does the widget "takes over" images you are not interested to be dynamic?
    we specifically designed a dashboard function to enable you to control on which site section you want the widget to be active . we also provide in our support page specific instructions for how to disable a specific image .

    Clarification #4 --> what will happen with the already used images and with the shortcode support?
    due to insufficient interest , we cant continue to support the shortcode for much longer and we are in discussion with the team to find a solution that will enable the already-published images to stay on the blogs.

    hope this is helpful!

  18. @eyalg, you do realize that for those here at that are using your images how much this sucks?

  19. I received a reply from . I asked whether we would be able to use PicApp and if our images alrady posted would survive . The answer was - We don't know at this time .

    It wont look good for WordPress if we are the only blogging platform which doesn't support PicApp and I don't fancy going through a years worth of posts .

  20. Thanks for returning & sharing what Staff had to say on this. I comprehend your concern, although I have never used picApp. I have located 70 images (free sources) which are listed on my Resources page in case you are interested images (free sources)

  21. @merovee, it all depends on what the content of that widget is that they decided to require everyone to install before they could use their images and whether it introduces any issues for this multi-user platform. It could also be that there are TOS issues with what the widget does. Apparently from what @eyalg says, there aren't enough here using it for them to bother with.

    It wasn't wordpress that took picapp away from bloggers here, it was picapp.

  22. Thanks Timethief - I have bookmarked the page . Even if picapp does come back, I'm sure it will be useful .

  23. Sacredpath - I think you could say that with Windows Live Spaces but every one else will be able to use picapp . I don't think is big enough yet to say that everybody should work round their system .
    It will be frustrating that others have a first class service and we don't, let alone the work involved in redoing the posts, if the images disappear completely.

  24. It isn't about working around the .COM system so much as what the widget contains and whether it will fit in with the restrictions here. Youtube and a host of other video sharing sites work here via shortcodes and they work with wordpress to make sure they work here. There is all the publicize stuff that works here and again those people have worked with wordpress to make sure their stuff works. Picapp has changed the way they do business. That was their choice of course.

    I can tell you that if there is something about the picapp requirements that will in anyway compromise the system here (security or otherwise) or that will require huge amounts of recoding in the backend to accommodate it, picapp will likely be history permanently.

    Picapp could, if they wished continue to support the shortcode here. They've chosen not to and the reason given was that there weren't enough people using it.

    ...due to insufficient interest , we can[']t continue to support the shortcode...

  25. If you use picapp and want to see it continue here, make sure and make staff aware of that via the contact form on the support page. If the number of requests is high enough, then it is far more likely they will figure out a way to make things work.

  26. I published a post so everyone using the shortcode is aware of the situation as it stands now.

  27. It is to be noted that Picapp only provides a Post-by-post disable ability; that the default is All images are affected by Picapp's changes, whether they are picapp or not. This only applies to external sites, it's true, but still it needs to be said.

  28. If that is true, that picapp will claim ownership, or rights over my own images in my own blog just because I use ONE of their images, they will find themselves very quickly in the middle of a lawsuit over copyright infringement. It won't come from me since I never use their services, but it will come from someone, and I expect very quickly.

    I find it hard to believe they are that st00pid.

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