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  1. Thanks for the update Markel.

  2. @markel-Thanks for updating us. It certainly felt like it was going in this direction and I hope PicApp can continue to support the year's worth of photos people have embedded on their blogs.

  3. The impression I got was that they were not going to indefinitely support the shortcode, so people here who have used their images are likely at some point going have dead image links at some point.

    My suggestion is the people that have used their images is to find a different source and start moving over to that source, and replace all the picapp images.

  4. Its a real shame - the images were great . I think I'll stop using Typekit and Zemanta in case they disappear as well .

  5. @merovee: Zemanta is simply an aid to post pictures. It doesn't host the pictures. It just links to them. Then again there's the probability that the picture hosted on Wikimedia Commons gets deleted. The only way to be 100% sure is to upload the pic in question to your media library and link it from there.

    As for TypeKit, worst case scenario (for example, if it's no longer free), you simply deactivate it and your fonts become boring again. In both cases, the impact of those services stopping would be a lot smaller than with PicApp. My two cents.

  6. Agreed. And I can tell you from personal experience that Zemanta's customer service is outstanding.

  7. @merovee-There are lots of third party integrations on including SoundCloud, VodPod, Meebo, PodTech,, etc. So while they extend the functionality of your blog, there's always a risk of apps moving on. The only constant is change, which of course sucks totally if you've come to depend on them. :/

  8. Thanks for all your comments . When themes disappear and now picapp has gone I am wondering what next . I suppose it goes with the territory .

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