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    thanks to forums I finally could embed a picasa slideshow on a post or page (usin VodPod http://vodpod.com/wordpress).
    Well, I would like to put it on the SIDE BAR, you know, by copying the code on a text widget. It didn’t work.
    I haven’t found this particular issue in the forums about slideshows… Any ideas? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is reclus.wordpress.com.



    If you have tried with HTML and it doesn’t work then you can’t do it. Sorry!


    @daramirezp: Embed codes, as well as wp shortcodes (with the exception of poll shortcodes) don’t work in text widgets.

    And please paste the exact URL of your blog when asking questions here, or link your nickname to your blog (as explained in the Sticky 8 Things to Know Before Posting). We usually need that to give a relevant answer.

    @lancingprep: Take note of that please; in general we don’t reply if we don’t have a link to the blog in question.


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    There are good reasons to ask for a link to a questioner’s blog.

    Sometimes people are in this forum and don’t understand that there are 2 kinds of WordPress with completely different options and capabilities. Check out the difference for yourself here: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/please-read-me-first-before-posting?replies=1 so you won’t waste your precious time and intellect answering with something that does not apply.

    Sometimes people have their blog and nickname linked, but are asking a question about another (unlinked) blog. And especially if the answer to a question is theme dependent, volunteers can waste a lot of time with irrelevant information.

    If you can’t see the questioner’s blog, then in reality you are only guessing at an answer that is useful.

    Also, some people are such new bloggers that they don’t know that they can link their names to their blogs. That has bennies in these forums for us, and also for the bloggers: when they comment on other blogs, others can also find them (and they don’t appear as spammers leaving blatant links all over the world).



    yeah, I noticed this earlier but wasn’t sure what to say does seem a tad unnecessary(?) since lancingprep seems to just be repeating the same ideas as tsp in the other threads. Its better to either answer the question directly when you have a link. Even if it’s an easy question, sometimes it’s intuitive or you may have looked up the persons blog, but it’s still best to ask for the link just in case. As 1tess pointed out sometimes you don’t know if a person is referring to their blog or someone else blog. This is definitely important when answering questions about a function of the a blog theme and CSS type questions.


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    of course you are both right.


    aw1923, I didn’t know what to say either.
    I only wanted to be polite, and hoped that courtesy would encourage another “good” volunteer.
    Naive, right?

    panos, I’m learning from you that that “direct” is effective.

    So back to the OP question:



    I was also polite at first, but then I saw the rest of the threads. I’m afraid it’s Lora reincarnated…

    Take a look at that too:


    The brat has posted in 12 threads in all, and he thinks he can mock thesacredpath of all people!

    By the way, I made a mistake above: linked to the same thread twice. Third case was this actually:


    The OP says that the AddThis she put in a text widget doesn’t work well, and this wise guy tells her “for AddThis get another AddThis code and paste it in the text widget in your sidebar”!



    lol pano is definitely direct
    Not to be philosophical here, but this could just be the doings of a potential new volunteer here. When I first hanging around here it’s cause I had lots of questions for my own blog, got comfortable and watched what other volunteers did and picked up on it. I practically honed my CSS skills here though I’m far from perfect. Hopefully, if lancingprep (or lora) comes back they’d pick up on habits and how to answer certain questions. For me at least, most of what I know just comes from experiences with my own blog. Also, to double check the support forum. As far as I know lancingprep has only made this mistake several times today and has yet to see our suggestions for him (I’m assuming). lancingprep can’t be a brat…yet :D


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    Oh well, what’s a bit of philosophy among friends! Makes us better—able to play with the big boys & girls.
    I have certainly learned a lot during the last 6 or so or more months. My daughter’s initials are “aw” so I noticed you a while ago.

    You are direct—but not unkind.
    Sometimes sharp, or even intimidating. But polite. And precise, and brilliant. And interesting.

    Hey, I try to sooth troubled waters more than i should just so people will like me…


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