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Picasa web albums / slideshows

  1. I am a picasa user (I also have a flickr account but I prefer picasa) and really would appreciate being able to add a picasa slideshow to both the sidebar and in posts. We can do it with Flickr but not picasa... is this a WordPress issue or a Google issue? If you aren't going to support it, can we have a legitimate reason why not? Surely the security of using embedded picasa slideshows can't be that different than embedded Flickr slideshows.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't know the answer, nor do I have any reasons -- even illegitimate ones -- and frankly, I don't feel a company that gives me something for free owes me any explanations for anything it does or does not do.

  3. ellaella, I agree. Please don't read my post as an angry request. I have just noticed that many people would like this feature but no one knows why it isn't supported. I agree that a company that gives us something for free does not need to tell us why they do or don't do something. BUT, I can see some people choosing to use another service instead of wordpress because of a wanted/needed feature like this. I just want WordPress to be the best it can be and reach the most users it can. More users is good for everyone.

  4. ellaella, btw nice blog

  5. Thanks, for both the explanation and the compliment (and for checking out my blog!). Your tone did sound rather demanding and there's quite a bit of that around here, which I just don't understand.

    If people choose to use another service with vulnerabilities, that's their right. The beauty of choice. I have other blogs, all on, and I prefer the safety. WP doesn't seem to have trouble attracting users, ya know? :)

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