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    Hi, I just opened my blogg killergroove and first was not able to upload a personal image header with Safari. I opened the page with netscape 7.x and solved the problem. But now – after I published some articles, I can’t see the images with safari. With Netscape everything is fine, I.E. for Mac does not work anyhow.

    What can I do?



    Safari has a host of issues with a number of features found on the Internet, not just WordPress. Lack of WYSIWYG is tops among the list around here since it doesn’t work well with the rich text editor. Feel free to search the other threads on the topic.

    There’s not much to do on the subject besides get Safari to support XML, HTML 4.01, and other standards that other browsers do.



    As far as I am aware Apple and Microsoft have left Mac IE to disappear so if they do not support it, no-one else – including us – will be.

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