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pics not loading

  1. tried repeatedly to load a pic from Photobucket and either would not load at all or it broke up the appearance of the whole page w/ the awkward positioning. tried just coding and using pic insert in new entry box format. nothing worked. is this a temporary glitch in converting to new entry box format or something else? never experienced the problem before.


  2. Might help us help you if you pointed us to an example of this.


    no pic even though there is code for it. and will not allow me to edit this entry either.

    works fine in blogger so its not the coding.

    also...seems a tad slow today, something going on?


  4. I politly point out that, no, there is no code for a picture there. Looks like something's been stripped out.

    If you're using the exact same HTML link on your side as you are on your blogger site, try using a space between the final quote mark of the image's URL and the border bit. That's probably what's causing the issue. (The security features of is probably not seeing it as an image link while blogspot doesn't really have security features.)

    The link should look something like this:

    <img src="" border=0 />

    Also please note the '/' mark at the end of the code. That's required in HTML 4.01 now and for XML.

    Hope this helps,

  5. so that worked. as for the coding ...when did this change? i posted like i normally do w/out a problem yesterday, so this coding requirement occurred overnight?


  6. Actually it didn't post correctly. I see a border around the image on your blogspot page. The browser (Netscape 7.1) isn't picking up the border=0 bit since it's all running together.

    You will also note that your blogspot page fails XML bigtime. 927 times actually.

    XML has been around since 2000 at least. HTML 4.01 since 1999.

    The trailing mark is covered here.

    Hope this helps,

  7. I hope it's okay for me to tag onto this post. I have the same problem - images not loading.

    I've followed every instruction to a T that I can find, yet all I get is a text hyperlink to the image, not the image itself. Any help is appreciated - thank you.

    Here it is: (image link is at top of 2nd paragraph)

  8. i was not aware there was a problem w/ how the pics were coded anywhere but here until today when that one pic failed to post. as for the coding being up to whatever standard...i, like a lotta ordinary bloggers, do not keep up w/ code issues. we simply blog. i am not an expert on coding nor has it been a requirement for me to be just for keeping a blog. shouldn't be. that would eliminate a vast majority of people online if that were the case. i will make note of the requirement for posting pics here but as to changing how i code...not likely. not until it prevents me from getting something posted. i make no pretense at being anything other than just an average person keeping a blog online. not a coding expert.

  9. roctaviousmcghee

    I have the same problem. It's in the html. In IE it shows the box with the red x, in firefox, doesn't show at all. Nor does the other pics in older posts.

  10. roctaviousmcghee

    Nervermind. Either I fixed or most likely, it fixed itself.

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