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    We have several pictures on our “Contributors” page that link to people’s bios. All the pictures are the same size and line up 3 across, except the last two pictures bump out of place. Any thoughts on how we can fix the problem?

    The blog I need help with is quarterlifeconversations.com.



    This is happening because the image “nora_biopic” isn’t exactly square like all the rest: the original is 1075×1080 pixels, so when you insert the images as 200px wide thumbnails, the height of that image is a bit larger than the rest, so there’s a little bit of space left next to it, so “tracy_qlcbio-copy” wraps around “nora_biopic” instead of dropping to the next line.
    I can tell you how to correct this by using some coding in the Text editor, but the right thing to do would be to use an image editing application to turn all the images to exactly 200×200 pixels then upload and insert these copies and delete the original ones: when you want 200×200 thumbnails but you use huge 2145×2145 originals, your page takes too long to load, you waste your storage space, and you get worse quality on the page.

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