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    Hi folks,

    I am trying something again that I have tried a while back and had to give up:

    > After the introduction text I would like to get medium-sized photos in a sort of checker board pattern, one on the left, the next underneath it but aligned on the right. The next again underneath, back on the left a.s.o.
    > In the open spaces I put a short comment about the photo on the left or right of the text.

    Everything looks fine and exactly as I want it till I hit ‘save draft’. Then all the elements, photos and short text do a dance of their own and end up bunched together with no logic or sequence. Text wrap has no sense as the comments are too short to fill the whole space.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to make photos and comments stick to their assigned place?

    Thanks and grts

    The blog I need help with is nil1950.wordpress.com.


    Setting the image alignment to left or right means wrap around as well, that is, make the rest of the content start next to instead of below the image. When the accompanying text is too short in relation to the image, then the rest of the content includes the next image etc, hence the “dance of their own”. To override that, you need to switch the editor to HTML and paste this after each image/text pair:
    <br style="clear:both;" />



    That’s fast :-)

    Thanks a lot! I’ll try it right away.




    I’ve been tango-ing some more till I got it right but it is working now.

    Thanks again!



    Hi again,

    If you don’t mind, I still have a question:

    Is it normal that the addition to the html disappears when you e.g. correct a typo or something else or when you go to visual without first saving in html?

    It happened to me a few times and I had to put it in all over again :-) I was a bit afraid what it would do when published but it’s nice and stable once out in the world. Just have to make it a habit to do the addition as the very last thing, I guess…


    If you’re talking about the snippet I suggested above, no it’s not normal. If you’re talking about something else, maybe (for instance pointless or forbidden coding).



    Yes, it is about the snippet you suggested.
    Am I doing something wrong then? I have only a rather vague knowledge of html and had to try for the exact position. Right behind the text or photo (whichever comes last) seemed to work best. On the next line did not work at all.


    1) “Whichever comes last”? As I said in my first reply, setting the image alignment to left or right means that the rest of the content will start next to instead of below the image. So with both left and right aligned images, the image must be inserted right before the accompanying text, and the code I gave you must be inserted after the end of that text. Please link to a post or page in which you have used the code.

    2) Which browser are you using?




    That is what I have been doing….
    When I look at the html now, the snippet is completely gone again. As the page is already published and looks ok except for one error which may have been mine in inserting the addition (Halloween), I dare not fiddle with it any more…

    link to page:

    I use Firefox 6


    “When I look at the html now, the snippet is completely gone again.”

    ??? When I look at the sourcecode of the page you linked to, I can see 36 instances of the clear:both code.



    When I look now, so do I – and no, I am not crazy nor blind. They were not there last time I looked…

    Well, don’t worry… I’ll see how it goes next time I want to use this sort of layout.

    Thanks for your time and help…


    Moderator Emeritus

    I suspect the problem of you not seeing the actual result at first was caused by a cache issue with your browser. Sometimes when you change something on your site, your browser doesn’t load the new version but only loads the cached version from your computer. That feature helps you go back and forward to look at websites quickly. But that means sometimes a browser won’t “refresh” a page for changes. Take a look at this:



    Thanks for the comment, 1tess :-) But I don’t think that is really the problem.
    Anyway, at the moment it works ok and that is the important part. As I said to your colleague, I’ll see next time how it goes.



    “Colleague”? Ha! we’re just experienced users volunteering help, Nil, not WP staff.



    I know :-) But I have a hard time deciding which part of your name is the first name though I assume it is Greek. And colleague seemed the next best thing…

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