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    Hi- Im new to wordpress.com and am wondering if there is a way to arrange the photos that I want to put in my blog in a way where I can have multiple galleries. When I upload a gallery, it takes all the photos that are in the gallery and puts them into the gallery on the blog. it would be great if I could write a paragraph and insert 4 or 5 pictures in gallery format. Then, write another paragraph and insert 4 o five more pictures in a gallery format.
    I have 70+ pictures that I want to include in my next blog, but don’t want to upload them all into one giant gallery. Is there a way to break them apart into different sections?? Inserting the images one by one is painstaking, and they don’t appear as slick and neat as they do in a gallery layout.

    as I understand it, there is wordpress.org which allows for plugins that can allow this function, but with wordpress.com, you need to rely on css and html a bit more to manipulate functionality. is this right?

    The blog I need help with is 27roots.wordpress.com.

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