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    I have had two complaints from people saying that the pic link does not work here

    It works perfectly for me. Does it work for you?



    I don’t see it. It’s probably still in your browser cache.

    I would change the link to this: Link.

    It looks like you’re using the link to a page option. I’d just go ahead and link to the image instead. Not sure what the issue is with this specific picture becaue I would need backend access to take a looksee.

    Hope this helps,


    @drmike – thanks for that. I don’t understand – I use that link to page option a lot and it works for me. I hope it works for my users – nobody has complained before, but then again maybe nobody is clicking on the links!

    If I use the link you sent me then this will appear as a link but not an image?

    Do you think “snap” has anything to do with this?



    I couldn;t tell you from here as I don’t have access to the back end to see what is occuring. Could be anything from a typo to a corrupted file.

    What I was suggesting was instead of what’s currently within the link bit of that post, change it to that URL instead. Leave the thumbnail alone. Just change the URL of where you folks want to go to that URL that I gave you.

    Hope this helps,



    works great thanks. I will have to go and check my other images now.



    May want to clear your borwser cache out to make sure first.

    What you did was correct. Just not sure why it didn’t work this time through.


    OK – here is a new one. I have just had a complaint that they cannot see the pic at this post

    Works fine for me though??



    I don’t see it either.

    I’m going to send in a feedback. Maybe we can get staff to take a look at the backend and see something that I can’t from here.



    Thanks for sending the feedback. Interesting, I have cleared my cache etc and it still works perfectly for me…



    Works for me



    Mark sent me an email and said that this got resolved. I hope it’s no longer an issue.


    Thanks for the feedback – will report back on this thread if it re-occurs.

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