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    I’m kind of having a problem…So I add a picture to the site but it’s not at the size I want it to be, so when I click to edit the size the pop-up comes up too high and I can’t click tochange to Advanced Settings and it’s really irking me.



    What browser are you using? It sounds like a browser problem.



    using AOL


    I had this problem today using Internet Explorer. Both mid and large size boxes were checked. The photo showed up “large” in my post. After deleting the photo and starting over, the mid and large size boxes were still checked. So, I clicked on “small” photo size, un-clicked it, choose medium which inserted the photo size that I wanted. A weird work-around but it got the job done. Of course you can’t see the finished results until Monday when the post is scheduled to appear.


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    We can’t see your results at all without a link to your post. http://????



    I’m quite sure it’s a browser problem. I have IE and sometimes it’s a problem for me too. The solution is to edit the size of your picture before you’ve inserted it into your post. Or change browsers, which I can’t really be bothered to do.


    I’ll come back on Monday and post the link after it is published.

    Most of the time I use Safari and have no problems. But, today, the photos I wanted to use were on my old PC laptop.



    no it’s not the picture problem it’s the screen….like it only shows the image down, i can’t see the Advanced settings and it’s like I need to scroll up to it, but it wont let me and i try and try and it still wont cooperate



    solarblade; that is what i’m saying. It won’t scroll up because it is a browser problem. You must edit it before you insert it into the post, as you should be able to see the advanced settings in that window.

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