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    Dear Staff…

    Overnight the thumbnail for quite a few of my ‘Top Posts and Pages’ in the sidebar… has been replaced from a picture out of the post, to the ‘random little icon’ for my ‘blog picture / icon’..?

    Looking forward to having this fixed…

    (only staff need respond, as they can help fix this problem.. thanks)

    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is apanache.wordpress.com.



    I am not staff, so my most sincere apologies for replying.

    You and I can’t fix the overnight change, whatever it was. You can however select a featured image for each of your top posts that are showing in the sidebar (and all future posts) and that will then be displayed.
    It’s a nuisance, especially if you have never selected featured images. I usually do, so my fix was for just a few posts, but still not what I was expecting to have to do.



    Thanks, but don’t really want to have a ‘featured image’.. may try it for one or two until staff can pick up on this thread… thanks for the reminder on that one.. ( it also ‘trims’ the pic too much on the page..)


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    Yes, it looks like “they” are experimenting with the top posts and pages widget. All of my blogs are showing the blavatar image. Not very enticing to readers to check out any of the top posts and pages. It must be a bug, and unintentional so I’ll modlook this topic.

    I’m not staff either…


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    Thanks for all the reports on this issue. Our developers are aware of the problem and we will post updates on this thread:


    This duplicate thread will be closed.

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