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    Hi folks,

    Just a simple question (I hope…)

    I have changed my theme and switched from Modularity Lite to Sundance. It’s openness and getting rid of the two different background colors is really a breather for the pictures as well as me even though it was meant for video if I understand it right.

    What I had not expected was that all pictures have acquired a white frame. I can live with that but still – is there a way to get rid of those (frames) or at least change their color?

    Another small hiccup seems to be that some pictures meant as an intro to a slide show do not have the frames. But neither do they have the slight black frame I usually put around them myself nor my signature any more – they have been cut a bit… I will try reinserting them and see if they adjust themselves. This is only on a few pages (Portfolio).

    Any comments, ideas?
    Tx & grts

    The blog I need help with is nil1950.wordpress.com.



    Do you have the custom design upgrade and is this a CSS editing question? I’m asking because there’s no other way I know of to remove or change the color of the image framesautomatically throughout the whole blog.

    If you are into coding I found this >
    For no border at all, change the image code (in the HTML editor) from this:
    <img [etc.]
    to this:
    <img style="border:none;" [etc.]

    For a different border, you need to specify width, type and color in place of “none” – see here: http://wpbtips.wordpress.com/2009/10/14/borders-pt-1/



    Hi Timethief,

    No, I don’t have the upgrade… Just done the switch and CSS still kind of eludes me, really… :-) I really should do something about that…!

    I assume if I want to try your advice I will have to get the upgrade first? Or would it work if I try anyway?

    The second thing I wrote about has indeed been solved by just reinserting the ‘offending’ images. They got themselves a frame as well and my signature is back :-)



    No you don’t need a custom design upgrade to use the code posted above. You use the HTML editor for each and every image. I suggest reading the article I linked above to first.



    Each and every image? Ooops! My library tells me I have 2158 items there… no doubles either… gulp!
    I think I will live with the frames after all… It’s not too bad, really. Just takes a bit of getting used to…

    I will keep that trick in mind and the article too in case I want an exception.

    Thanks for your time :-)



    You’re welcome.



    @Nil: The white frames are fine on a light colored bg but rather bad with the very dark bg color you’ve set. In contrast to Modularity Lite, Sundance isn’t designed as a dark theme.

    @TT: That code won’t do because the white frame isn’t a border, it’s a background. To disable it you need this:
    <img style="background:transparent;" ETC ETC



    Hmmm… ok, another question then?
    Is it possible to try out a premium theme before purchasing it? Photography looks nice but in the preview it does not show everything I have on my sidebar. And purchasing something I’m not sure of seems a bit iffy…




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